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Martin Wilmsen Feb 3 Announcements

Dear Infradox users,

Many websites and related services are now running on new hardware, using a new networking topology. Although we are confident that we have checked everything, we may have overlooked certain configuration settings nonetheless. So if you are experiencing problems, then please create a ticket if you haven't done so already.

Now that we are fully up and running in our new data center at Interxion, we hope to be offering you

  • improved scalability, 
  • more storage capacity with faster access and improved on site 24/7 security, 
  • fault tolerant power through two separate power supply systems - backed up with diesel powered generators,
  • faster and more fault tolerant connectivity via our new glass fiber optics connection, provided by Eurofiber,
  • new services to help you keep up in a rapidly and constantly changing industry.

We apologize once more for the interruption of service. It was a huge task to be dealt with by a small team, and - as always - we did everything within our power to try and solve the problems that we ran into. Sadly some of which were completely out of our control. 

We are fully aware how important our services are to you. We appreciate the kind messages that we have received from many of you. 

Best wishes,

Martin / Infradox team