Infradox XS version 27.4


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Version 27.4 is primarily a maintenance update. A few new functions were added as well.

What's new

  • Job server can now process deletes from an uploaded CSV file.
  • Added several stored procedures for exports to the job server function - i.c. user logins, downloads, activity log, abandoned carts.
  • URL rewrite function built into gallery manager (can be used but not yet implemented throughout the entire website).
  • You can now list all orders for a selected organisation.
  • You can now list all invoices for a selected organisation
  • You can specify user account for invoices in the organisation properties dialog (see next item).
  • Added a function to create a single invoice for all orders from all users of an organisation (in order management).
  • You can now click an organisation name in the order management overview for the organisation properties dialog.
  • You can now specify IP ranges that are allowed access to the 3rd party API (in the user properties dialog of the account linked to an API key).
  • Software changes to improve handling of invalid requests by spiders and search engines.
  • Changed help links for our new Zendesk forum pages.

Bug fixes

  • Fixed a problem with sending files by e-mail from the order pages.
  • Fixed a problem with anonymous orders.
  • Fixed layout issues with the lightbox tools panel.
  • Fixed log in problems that occurred with some older browser versions.
  • Fixed further problems with accents for older databases.
  • The vat number wasn't saved when saving a user account.
  • Fix in lightbox tools panel and full screen lightbox for users with huge amounts of lightboxes (i.e. more than 1000).
  • Export CSV on user management pages didn't work.
  • Part of galleries links on preview pages didn't display accents correctly.
  • Fixed a problem with older databases that prevented the "Assume identity" link from appearing in User management.
  • Fixed a script error that occurred with some user accounts that are marked as "Agent".
  • Business type and business type details had values "undefined" after creating a new organisation from the user properties dialog.


  • Infradox 3rd party API - build
  • Infradox Website API - build
  • Infradox XSISPA service - build
  • CBSBrokerXS.ini configuration file version 67
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