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XS version 26.4 or later

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You can maintain a list of so called alisases that you can then use in the code that you edit with the code editor. These aliases are replaced with the values that you have defined when you save a file in the editor. The aliases can be used in all files, i.e. you custom CSS, Javascript, custom pages, headers, footers and so on.


Example 1 

Create the following alias (choose Aliases in the code editor dropdown box):

xs_mylargefont=font-family:"Open Sans";font-size:1.30em;color:black;

In the custom CSS add an element width id #someelement and then add the alias xs_mylargefont:

#someelement {

When you save the Custom CSS file, the output will be changed to:

#someelement {
     font-family:"Open Sans";font-size:1.30em;color:black;

Example 2

Create an alias for a HTML color value:


In your custom CSS you can now use:

.masthead li a {
     color: xs_linkcolor

When you save your CSS file, the output will be changed to:

.masthead li a {
     color: #cdcdcd;


The aliases are used to find and replace values in your files when you save your changes. If you change an alias, the output of your files is not automatically changed. You will have to save the files in which the alias is used again.




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