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This article describes some common problems and solutions regarding file uploads.

HTTP uploads

  • I have uploaded files with the admin HTTP uploader, but the files don't appear on the website.

    Files that are uploaded with the HTTP uploader always get a supplier id assigned immediately. The supplier matching procedures that have been configured for other means of file loading (e.g. syndicated files, FTP uploads etc) do not apply.

    Check these things:
    - First of all, it may take several minutes for new files to appear. Make sure that you have waited at least 5 minutes.
    - Check the uploader page to make sure that the files are actually removed from the holding area.
    - If you can see the files on the client facing pages if you are logged in with an Admin account, then the files may have a "hide" flag. 
    - The files may not be available in the territory (linked to your user account). 
    - Check if the supplier has not been removed in Supplier management. 
    - Try clearing the server cache via Site configuration, Data services.


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