Configuring Paypal for online payments


XS version 26.5 or later

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5 November 2015

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This article describes how to configure Paypal for online payments. 

Infradox XS uses Paypal's IPN (Instant Payment Notifications) to receive messages from Paypal with information about the success or failure of a payment. If payments are cancelled on the Paypal server, a message will also be received by your website. 

Because of the above mechanism, download permissions can be automatically enabled on an order - immediately after a IPN message has been received by your website. 

When can a user pay and immediately download the ordered files without staff member involvement?

  • The user has "Must pay online to enable permissions" enabled on his/her account (see Configuring download permissions on accounts)
  • The order contains only images - no other media
  • The user has no price calculator enabled on his/her account but the order contains only RF files.
  • The user has the price calculator enabled on his/her account and the order contains RF or RM files.
  • The order does not contain files with blocking restrictions

If the order doesn't meet these criteria, then the order is stored as a normal order that must be reviewed by a staff member first.

Note that as a staff member, you can also require the user to pay online to enable download permissions after an order has been created - regardless of the files and restrictions in an order. 

Configuring Paypal

Please download the attached PDF document which explains how you need to configure the testing environment.

Once you have fully tested everything with the PayPal sandbox environment, go to Site configuration, PayPal (in backoffice) and change the paths to the production environment paths. E.g. must be changed to

Configuring the Cart page

The Cart page is generated from several page fragments depending on a user's permissions, the files in the Cart, whether or not the user must pay first and so on. The instructions that should be displayed will differ for these reasons too. You can configure the standard instruction texts et cetera via Site configuration, Cart page in backoffice. However, if you want to change more that what is possible with the standard functions, then you can modify the Cart page with the Code editor (26.5 or later). 



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