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This article describes how you can easily configure the default home page with a number of settings in back office. You can make a custom home page if the configuration options for the default page do not meet your requirements. You can still use the default home page, even if you have chosen to develop a custom header and/or menu.

Important: if you have enabled the custom home page option, then many of the back office home page settings may take no effect. 

How to configure the home page

To change the settings of the home page, go to Site configuration and click Home page in the menu on the left.

Displaying a large photo or a photo slideshow

This option will display large photos on your home page. You can upload the photos via Site configuration, Website files. But before you do, you should consider the options described in this article.

  • Displaying a normal photo slideshow of all files
    Choose Default slideshow alphabetical order all files in the drop down. All the photos that you have uploaded will display one after another in alphabetical order - provided that you have selected a Transition speed that is larger than 0 seconds. Otherwise the first photo will show and the slideshow will not automatically display the next file. Note that both the size of the photos and the number of files to load, will impact page load times. It is recommended to use not too many files and to keep the files sizes small.
  • Displaying a slideshow in random order
    Choose Defaults slideshow random order all files for a slideshow as described above, but the files will appear in a random order.
  • Displaying a slideshow with a limited number of randomly selected files
    Choose one of the options Default slideshow random order max x files (where x is the number of files to load) to create a slideshow that will randomly select x-number of files from all the files that you have uploaded. You can choose between 5, 10 or 15 files.
  • Displaying a single random photo
    This option will select and load one single random photo every time the page is displayed.
  • Displaying one or more photos for the Day of the month
    This option requires you to upload photos that start with the day number followed by a dash.
    E.g. 1-photo.jpg for the first day of the month, 31-photo.jpg for the last day of the month.
    If you upload more files for the same day number, then these files will be used to display a slideshow, unless the Transition time is set to 0 seconds. If it is set to 0 seconds, then a random file for that day number will be displayed.
  • Displaying one or more photos for the Day of the week
    This option works the same as the Day of the month option, but file names must start with 1- through 7- for day 1 (Sunday) through day 7 (Saturday). E.g. 1-myphoto.jpg will show on Sunday, 2-myotherphoto.jpg will show on Monday and so on.
  • Displaying one or more photos for the Month of the year
    This option works the same as the Day of the month option, but file names must start with 1- through 12- for month 1 (January) through month 12 (December). E.g. 1-myphoto.jpg will show in January, 2-myotherphoto.jpg will show inn February and so on.

If you have selected one of the options (above) that looks for files that start with a number but no files are found - then this function will simply display the files that are in the folder. Regardless of the file names.

Note that the above settings do not apply to the slideshow widget that you can use if you have developed a custom home page.

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