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The preview page shows a large version of a file. The appearance of the page, and the functions that are available on the page, can be changed with a large number of settings. You can furthermore change the appearance by creating custom CSS and/or script. To change the settings, log in with an admin account with permissions to edit the settings, and click Site configuration in the administrator's menu. Then click Preview pages in the bar on the left.

Access to preview pages

By default, the preview pages can be accessed by anyone. You can configure which functions are available depending on whether or not the user is logged in, and/or what permissions you have granted the user on his/her account. You can disable access to preview pages to users that are not logged in. Note that this will also affect search engines (e.g. Google) because their crawlers visit your website as a "guest". For more information, read the article about SEO.

Configuring the metadata fields that appear on preview pages

Certain settings that also affect the preview pages, are in other sections of the Site configuration pages. For instance, which metadata fields appear when and how on the preview pages - is configured in the Metadata repository. Those settings are used throughout the website.

Social media sharing buttons 

You can display social media buttons on your preview pages, either by use of AddThis or by the default Facebook Share and/or Like buttons. If you use the Facebook buttons then it's recommended that you disable Sharing via AddThis sharing. Choose where you want the button(s) to appear in the drop down boxes. If you select In hidden div then the required html code and script will be added to your page but the buttons will not show. You can then use custom script (in the code editor) to position the buttons anywhere on the page. 

If you use sharing buttons, then it is important that you properly configure the Open Graph Protocol settings. You can find these settings in backoffice, Site configuration, SEO & Social settings. 

The Facebook Share and Like buttons use the Facebook API directly. Alternatively you can use AddThis which supports Facebook as well as other social media websites. You'll need an account on - where you can then configure the buttons (style and function). For more information - and to try different button layout settings - re the Facebook buttons: Facebook Share button, Facebook Like button


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