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With the Infradox XS Contest module you can create a website for one or more photo contests. This article explains how it works if you log in with a juryman/jurywoman account and/or the chairman/chairwoman account. 
Note that only the system and super administrators can change the contest settings and configure other settings of the contest module.

Scoring entries

Once logged in with your jury member account, the account pull down menu will have a menu item "judging" (beoordelen in Dutch). Click on this item to load the page. The top of the page allows you to select a contest and one or all of the categories assigned to you (administrators can also access this page but if the admin is not a jury member for any of the categories, no files will show).

Listing files on your page

By default, the page will show all files in all your categories in the order oldest to newest. You can change these settings at the top of the page. You can change the "submissions" filter to limit the files that will display. E.g. only list the files that you didn't rate yet etc.

On the left at the top, you can change the view style to suit your needs. I.e. thumbnails, large thumbnails, or a list with small thumbnails. 

Hover over the thumbnail to display the caption if the file is a single entry (not part of a series). If the file is part of a series, hovering over the thumbnail will display a box with thumbnails of the entire series).

Rating files and series without using the large view

Underneath the thumbnails you'll see 10 stars. Click on a star to give it a rating (hover over a star to see how many points it represents). You can change your rating as many times as you want.

Favorites without using the large view

The yellow dot underneath the thumbnail indicates that you did not mark this file as one of your favorites. Click it to make the file a favorite so that you can easily retrieve all your favorites at a later point in time. 

Rating files and series from the large view and marking files as favorite

Click on a thumbnail to open the large view. If the file is part of a series, the first file will display large and the other files will display in a strip underneath it. You can then click on one of the other files to display it large. 

Rating a file or series works the same as described above, simply click on of the stars. In the large view, after clicking one of the stars, the next file or series will display automatically. You can navigate back or forward by clicking the large bars on the left and right of the large view.

Click the yellow dot to make a file a favorite. If the dot is green then you can click it to remove it from your favorites.

Viewing contest results

If you are logged in with an account that has permissions to view contest results, with an account that has chairman permissions or with the super admin account - then the account menu has an item called "Score results". Click it to load the page.

If you have been granted permissions to view results, you will only see files in the categories to which you are assigned as a jury member. To see the highest scoring files, make sure to select the option "high to low" at the top of the page. Underneath the thumbnails you'll see the ratings of a file or series - to date. As described above, you can change the view style, you can change the filter settings and you can click a thumbnail to open the large view.

Score information

The info underneath the thumbnails shows the average score, the total points given, the number of people that have rated the file on the left. And the chairman score (if any) and final result on the right. If any jury member marked the file as favorite, then the small icon underneath the thumbnail is green, otherwise it's yellow. Hover over it to see how many people favorited the file.

Score details

Click on the stars in the bar underneath the thumbnail to display information about the jurymen/jurywomen that rated the file.

Chairman and admin functions

If you have an account with chairman permissions, then you can see the results for all categories - and you'll have access to three further functions:

  • move a file to a different category
  • delete a file from the contest
  • apply chairman rating

1) From the thumbnail view, click on the orange arrow underneath the thumbnail to move a file to a different category. Click on the red cross icon to delete the file from the contest. Note that if the file is part of a series, the cross icon will delete the file that shows on the page. If you want to delete one of the other files of the series, the first click the thumbnail to open the large view, then click the thumbnail of the file that you want to delete, and finally click the "remove file link".

Chairman rating

To apply the chairman's rating, click on the stars underneath the thumbnail to open the score details dialog. At the top of that dialog you can click on the stars to apply your rating. To completely remove the chairman's rating, click on the link next to the stars. This function is not available from the large view.


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