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In version 27.3 several new functions have been added and existing functions have been improved. We have fixed a number of problems that were reported with earlier versions. Support for the French user interface language was added and we have improved support for the AGE API.

If you have used the code editor to create custom templates, then do read the instruction notes at the bottom of this article.

What's New


  • Version 27.3 has support for the French user interface language.
  • For information about what you need to do to enable French and how you can work on your translations without displaying the language menu on the client facing pages, read the instructions in this article: Localisation
  • We have improved support for diacritical characters and ISO/UTF8 data conversion (accents).
  • You can now switch between user interfaces languages without being returned to the home page (i.e. the current page is reloaded using the selected language).
  • If a user visits the website from a country for which you have enabled language support (i.e. French) and the website is not displayed in the user's language - the website will prompt the visitor if he/she wants to switch to that language.
  • To make it easier to adapt additional languages in future versions, you can now leave most fields in backoffice blank, in which case defaults are automatically used for the selected language. You will only need to manually enter e.g. field labels if you want to override the default values.
    This involves for example the labels that you can enter for the menu, page titles (Site configuration, Pages and menu). field labels used in forms (Site configuration, Forms) and so on.
  • We have added a folder with e-mail templates for the French language.
  • We have removed several texts from the database and moved the text to constants files, which allows us to add additional user interface languages more easily, and you to tweak the wording to your liking. We will be adding German and Spanish in future versions.

    Database text has been removed from Site configuration - and moved to contstants files:

    Cart page instructions and texts, moved to constants-cartinstructions.txt
    Download page instructions and texts, 
    moved to constants-download.txt

  • Read below about synchronizing galleries for new languages.
  • To learn about editing constants, read this article.

Gallery manager

  • When you create a gallery, a copy is automatically created for each of the languages that you have enabled. If however you add a new language after you have already created galleries, then you'll need to synchronize all languages. For this reason, a "Sync" button has been added to the Gallery manager. Use this button to make sure all galleries exist in a new language that you have enabled. Once this is done, you can start translating your galleries. 
  • Category root levels have a new setting "Long category URL'ls" (gallery management). This setting allows you to have categories/subcategories with the same name but within different contexts. For example, instead of /politics/labour.html you can now have /images/politics/labour.html and /video/politics/labour.html. To enable long URL's, edit the top level category in the Gallery manager and check the box "Use long category URL's".

Multiple updates / batch editing

  • You can now remove one or more words from all files in your batch. This primarily intended to remove keywords.


  • To reduce the footprint of the website API - and for improved localisation support - we have removed all e-mail functions from it. E-mail is now sent asynchronously through a separate service application.
  • Several new notification e-mails were added, both security related and otherwise as described in this article.
  • Automatic reminders can be sent re a) expiring restrictions b) reservations c) usage confirmation requests. To configure if and when such reminders are sent, go to Site configuration, E-mail configuration, Notifications. Note that the settings for Reservation reminders also apply to Restriction reminders.
  • You can now receive daily and weekly statistics e-mails with info about the number of logins, searches, downloads and so on. Also see below.
  • You can now add the 10 custom user fields to "new user notification" e-mail template.
  • To learn about changing your e-mail templates, please read this article.
  • Also read below out Security changes.

Job server

  • The new Job server function allows you to schedule data exports and/or other server jobs. Such jobs can be created in backoffice, Site configuration, Job server. Jobs can be scheduled to run after a certain time, once or repeatedly (e.g. every day, or on selected days). Exported data files can be compressed (zip files) and you can both receive an e-mail with a download link to such files and download the files from within the backfire function.
    You can find more information in this article

Statistics added to logs

  • A server process updates a statistics table with information about the previous day once daily. You can have the results sent to your e-mail address. The information is also available in back office via Website logs. The information is displayed as links that you can use to find out more about the info that is displayed. E.g. to display the new images still without keywords, to go to order management and so on.

Quote requests

  • Quote requests are now posted to your database (before only an e-mail was sent). This allows you to keep track of the status of such requests. Requests can be assigned to user accounts if posted when the user was not logged in - and requests can be assigned to staff members. Quote requests can also be converted into orders from the administrator's "quote requests management" overview. 
  • A new page has been added that allows end users to view their quote requests and the status of such requests. Users can also reply to messages that you post with regards to a quote.
  • If you change a quote requests, you can have a notification e-mail sent to the user to let them know. If the user changes a quote request, you will also be notified.
  • To configure the Quote requests function, go to Site configuration, Website forms, Quote form. Instructions can be found here: configuring the quote request form.
  • To add Quote requests to the client facing menu (if you don't have a custom built menu), go to Site configuration, Pages and menu, Website menu.
  • Quote requests has been added to the Administrator pull down menu and dashboard.

User management

  • You can now specify that a user has left his/her job with a checkbox in the user properties dialog
  • The user properties dialog now shows you 
    - when the user registered (date/time)
    - when the activation e-mail was sent
    - when the user activated the account
    - when the account was enabled
    - when the account was disabled (and who disabled the account)
    - when the account was marked as deleted
  • You can now hide RF prices for individual users
  • You can now send a "Password reset" e-mail from the user properties dialog.
  • You can now (re)send the "Activation e-mail) from the user properties dialog. 
  • You can download the metadata of the files a user has in a lightbox from the user management overview page
  • A checkbox was added to the "Notes" tabsheet where you can mark your notes as "Important". If an account has important notes, this will appear in the user overview and in other places to notify you that there's something important going on (e.g. too many unpaid invoices, special agreements et cetera).
  • A tabsheet was added to the user properties dialog, which will show you any restrictions and/or reservations that were created for the user. Note that a new page has been added to back office for an overview of all reservations and/or restrictions. More about this further down in this article.
  • "Assume identity" function. You can no longer retrieve passwords or view passwords anywhere. If however you need to log in with a user's account - you can click the "Assume identity" link that shows in the user management overview. This will log you out and it will log you in with the user's account (only possible with normal user accounts). 
  • Additional filters were added to the user management overvie, to list users:
    - download permissions
    - direct download permissions
    - no download permissions
    - comps without watermarks
    - important notes
    - restrictions
    - reservations
    - files waiting for confirmation
    - orders
    - no orders
    - downloads
    - files in the cart
    - price calculator enabled
    - hide RF prices
    - must pay online
    - has access codes
    - has deny codes
    - is an agent
    - has an account manager
    - logged in today or yesterday
    - logged in this week
    - never logged in
    - and users that are linked to an organization
  • You can now create and configure API licences yourself (read below). If an API licence is attached to a user account, the user dialog will have a tab sheet with API settings:
    - access codes
    - deny codes
    - allow downloads
    - allow comps without watermarks
    - sizes for comps
    - inject IPTC in downloaded files
    - overlay text on comps
    If other settings are required or if you need more granular control for search result filtering, then you need to contact Xpertise.
    API licences are valid for one year and are not free of charge. 
    To find out more read How to add an API licence
  • You can now assign a staffmember as the primary account manager to user accounts. You can also list users for a selected account manager only. Select the radio button "Account manager" in the user properties dialog to make a user available as Account manager.

Restrictions & Reservations

  • A new management page has been added to back office for an overview of Restrictions and Reservations.
  • You can now create restrictions and reservations that apply to specific territories only. To add or edit a restriction or reservation, edit a file's metadata. and click on the "Restrictions" tabsheet. It is also possible to add restrictions/reservations on the admin order page so that you can immediately take care of this when you are working on a client's order.
  • You can have automated e-mails sent to notify a user that a restriction or reservation is about to expire or has expired. This can also be disabled for specific entries. 
  • In addition to being able to make a restriction/reservation block downloading of the file and/or block ordering of the file - you can now also hide such files from the search results (Infradox API's only). The file will then automatically reappear when the restriction/reservation has ended.
  • If you create an entry for specific territories, then the file is e.g. only blocked in those countries. Users from other countries are not affected by it. If however you specify a hide filter for the duration of the entry, then the file will no longer appear in search results for anyone (regardless of where the user is based).
  • A new client facing page has been added to allow users to see which reservations and restrictions there are for their account. You can also choose to not make specific entries appear on their overview.
  • Restrictions and reservations can be directly linked to orders.

Minor changes

  • Home page settings, you can now specify the number of thumbnails that you want to scroll at once in the Gallery carousel
  • Improved sort algorithm for the home page gallery carousel.
  • Preview page settings, the text that you can specify can now be 3000 characters long (was max 1000 characters).
  • The full screen lightbox and the lightbox panel have a button that allows admins to download the metadata for all the files in a lightbox (as CSV).
  • The batch dialog has a button that allows you to download the metada for all the files in your batch.


  • The System admin account and the Super admin account now require a double log in. Log in as usual, and you will be taken to a second login page where you log in again and where you will need to enter your PIN code. You can tell us which PIN code you want to use.
  • Other administrator/staff member accounts can also be protected with a PIN code, but this optional. If you want us to enable this (which we do recommend) then tell us which PIN code you want to use.
  • We haved added additonal functions to protect the website against SQL inject attacks.
  • Additional e-mail notifications were added to tell us when security related issues arise.
  • Passwords (encrypted in the database) can no longer be sent by e-mail or viewed anywhere. A "Reset password" e-mail can be sent instead.
  • If a user changes his/her password, an e-mail will be sent to that user to let them know - and you can receive a CC of this. 

Infradox API

  • The Infradox API has been changed to make it easier to configure and maintain and to reduce its footprint.
  • Third parties must now log in if they create a new API session.
  • API permissions (applies to 3rd parties only) are now determined by the user account that is linked to the API. I.e. you can now configure such permissions without our help.
  • You can now add 3rd party API licences yourself from the User management pages. Note that API licences are not free of charge.


XS ISPA is a new multi threaded service application that takes care of the following:

  • Job server processes scheduled data exports 
  • Asynchronously sending e-mails to admins and end users (e.g. notifications, reminders, page links and so on)
  • Scanning the logs for possible security issues and sending notifications if and when such events occur.
  • Automatic restriction processing (activating/deactivating restrictions and/or reservations) based on start and end dates. Also automatically adding files to the update queue to have a hide filter applied or removed if so required for a restriction or reservation.
  • Cleaning up folders where temporary files are stored (e.g. downloaded files, comps without watermarks and so on).


  • Filter codes are now added if the metadata has 
    - no keywords > filter code @XSMNOK# 
    - no caption > filter code @XSMNOC#
    - no headline > filter code @XSMNOH#
    You can use these filter codes to find files that have no keywords, no caption and/or no headline/title.
    Examples, to find files: 
    - with no keywords, search for @XSMNOK? (note that you search with a ? at the end, not a #)
    - with no caption, search for @XSMNOC?
    - with no headline, search for @XSMNOH?
    - with no keywords or no caption or no headline, search for @XSMNO* (note the asterisk at the end) 

Update instructions

  • Modal previews or custom preview pages

    The below code:

    <div class="fieldvalue">
    <span class="teravail onlyin"><?xs constant('cTerrAvailable','') ?></span>
    <span class="teravail notin"><?xs constant('cTerrUnavailable','') ?></span>
    <span class="teravail world"><?xs constant('cTerrWorldwide','') ?></span>
    <span class="teravail list">
    <?xs media('restrictionterritories','preview') ?>

    must be changed to:

    <div class="fieldvalue">
    <?xs media('restrictionterritories','preview') ?>

  • Cart page
    If you have changed the default instruction texts, then change the constants accordingly from Site configuration, Constants, file constants-cartinstructions.txt. The instruction texts are no longer taken from the database as described above in this article.

    If the code editor has "Cart top of page" and/or "Cart finalized" enabled (e.g. there are custom versions), then these must be changed too. See the provided template examples. The <?xs carttext('x') ?> tags are no longer supported and must be replaced with the Constant tags, e.g.  <?xs constant('cCart1','cartinstructions') ?> 
  • Order page / download page
    If you have changed the default instruction texts in backoffice, then change the constants accordingly from Site configuration, Constants, file constants-download.txt. The instruction texts are no longer taken from the database as described above in this article.
  • Registration page
    If you have changed the text that is displayed for "Send me marketing information", then edit this text as required via Site configuration, Constants, file constants-registration.txt, constant SendMePromo
  • Custom banner/header HTML
    If you make use of a custom page header template (in the code editor), then open the template and click save to have the code reparsed. This is necessary as a result of new tags and constants.

Bug fixes

  • Invoices didn't print thumbnails for images that were sold with remote API's. 
  • Search results from 3rd party API's were sometimes truncated beyond a certain number of search results. 
  • Datamatic didn't apply custom filter codes under certain conditions (where a part of a lookup value existed in the source field, before the actual lookup value in the remaining part of the source field data).
  • If a guest or logged in user tried to access the download page for an order belonging to a different account, this was reported as a hacking attempt and the ip address was blocked. This has been changed because sometimes users try to access that page after their session has expired.
  • It wasn't possible to add images via a remote API to a draft invoice with the file lookup dialog. This has been solved.
  • There was a problem with the registration page if custom fields as radio buttons were used. This is fixed.
  • Retrieving file information for a supplier from the supplier management page resulted in an error. This is fixed.


Software components


  • Infradox client facing website API
  • Infradox 3rd party API version


  • Infradox Image Broker version
  • Infradox Report Broker version
  • Infradox Remote Data Broker version
  • Infradox API Broker version
  • Infradox XSFile Broker
  • Infradox Style Broker

Service Applications

  • Infradox XSISPA service
  • Infradox XSMail service
  • Infradox XML reader service
  • Infradox Template Server service
  • Infradox Repository Server service
  • Infradox User Manager service
  • Infradox Database Agent service
  • Infradox Datamatic service
  • Infradox API data service
  • Infradox API Cache service

File and data processing Service Applications

  • Infradox Content Processor service
  • Infradox IPTC DBAgent service
  • Infradox Content Folder Processor service
  • Infradox DTS Data Transformation Server service

Configuration files

  • CBSBrokerXS.ini
  • CBSBrokerAPI.ini
  • IIRF.ini
  • Robots.txt




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