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Version 27 introduces some new functions and improvements. More customisation features have been added, among which the possibility to build your own custom preview pages and modal previews too.

We have further optimised the client side javascript and implemented a mechanism to dynamically load certain script files on demand only. E.g the required script for the price calculator isn't loaded until one clicks the "Calculate price" button. This is also true for the required HTML. This approach to dynamically loading script and HTML has also been implemented for the admin functions that are available on the client facing pages, i.e. the Gallery manager, the Meta data dialog and so on. And the full screen lightbox can now be made available on any page as well.

We have made several changes that allow you to make your website design responsive. We'll publish instructions and a demo shortly.

What's new

Data Access API

  • We are abandoning the old back office API in favor of the new Data Access API which is currently being extended with additional functionality.
    More information in this article:
    Data Access API

Custom filters

  • The number of custom filters that you can create has been increased to ten (10).

E-mail notifications 

  • The admin order notification e-mails now have information in the e-mail's subject telling you if it's about a New or a Changed order. The number of files in the order is also part of the e-mail subject now. The e-mail itself now includes information about the status of the order, and whether or not download permissions are enabled.
  • You can not enable security related e-mail notifications. Scroll down for more info.

Login failure warning

  • If a user has only one attempt left after trying to login with a wrong name or password too many times, a message appears to tell the user that he/she has only one attempt left before his/her account is temporarily blocked. 

    Example message: 
    You have entered a wrong login or password 4 times. Note that your account will be temporarily blocked if your next attempt fails again.

    You can change the text of this message via Site configuration > Constants.

Word stemming

  • You can now maintain a list of specific words that you want to be excluded from the search stemming algorithm. You can find this here: Site configuration, Search settings, Word stemming.

Gallery manager

  • A separate edit dialog - for a larger view - has been added for the description fields, especially useful if you add a lot of text. Click the edit link above the text box to open the dialog.
  • You can now specify a URI in addition to a search query - for so-called search only galleries. E.g. to browse a photographer's files with the /contributor/browse function as opposed to searching for a name.
  • Categories/subcategories can now have filter codes and the URL's for browsing category/subcategories have changed.
  • You can now use /categories-top/[id]/[layout]/categories.html - to display the thumbnails of the root groups first - as opposed to displaying the thumbnails of the first group which is the default behaviour (for url /categories/[id]/[layout]/categories.html)
  • Category galleries can now also be part of the home page carousel 

Search requests

  • A new function was added that can be used to let your users post search requests. Users can also be allowed to upload files for visual reference. Search requests are stored in the database so that admins can "claim" a request that they are going to work on and so that the user can see the status of his/her requests. You can read about setting this up in this article: Configuring the search requests function.

Custom preview pages and previews in modal dialogs

  • You can now build a custom preview page and a modal preview page with the code editor. Modal previews are displayed on top of the page that you are on - as opposed to opening a new page. The normal preview page is still available for the search engines. You can configure for which functions you want to use the modal previews (e.g. for the search results, lightboxes, cart and so on).

Session expiration

  • You can now change the session expiration settings (Site configuration, General settings, Sessions) from within backoffice.
  • Admin sessions can be set to never expire
  • You can set a session threshold - which means that normal user sessions will not expire until the total number of sessions exceeds the threshold.

IPTC injection

  • A new macro is added to inject the supplier name and/or group into the IPTC of downloaded files. More information here: IPTC injection.

Metadata dialog

  • The "use information" tab now includes the invoices in which the file occurs.
  • The section headers now show numbers so you can easily see in how many orders, carts, lightboxes, invoices and/or galleries the file exists.
  • The "use information" tab now has remove links to remove the file from all lightboxes, carts and/or all galleries.
  • You can now open the user dialog directly from the metadata edit dialog (e.g. user properties for orders or restrictions etc of which a file is part).
  • If you click "orders" to go to the order page, the target page will load in a new tab in your browser.
  • If you click "galleries" to go to the order page, the target page will load in a new tab in your browser.

Editing metadata while using the batch edit dialog

  • You can now edit the meta data of a single file in your batch while viewing the batch edit dialog. To do this, hover over a thumbnail in the batch dialog and then click the edit (2nd) icon that appears at the top of the thumbnail.

Admin order page

  • You can now add the files in an order to your batch by selecting the files and then click the batch button in the toolbar.

Toast messages

  • The toast message function has been replaced with a version that has a smaller footprint and that also supports alert boxes and confirmation boxes for a more uniform look.


  • The positioning of the play icon on video thumbnails has improved
  • Video audio properties for thumbnails can be set in client.js - e.g. to change the default audio setting.

Home page carousel

  • You can now change the number of thumbnails that will scroll. The default is one at a time. 
    If you use the standard home page then you can change this setting > Site configuration > Home page > Gallery carousel > Number of thumnails to scroll 
    If you use the widget on a custom home page, then add the parameter scrollcount, to the widget e.g. 
    <?xs widget('gallerycarousel',{speed:0,scrollcount:3,thumbwidth:205,opt:{b:1,q:1,t:1,s:1,rnd:0,src:1}}) ?>

Territory filters 

  • Datamatic now always applies territory filter codes so that the territory filter function can be enabled any time without having to reprocess the data.

Owner groups and suppliers

  • You can now configure several additional settings for owner groups - also territorial restrictions. If a new supplier is added (manually or automatically), the correct settings are automatically applied.
  • Owner groups and suppliers now have a creation date database column.
  • You can now delete owner groups if a group has no suppliers.
  • Supplier match codes can now be up to 30 characters long.

Syndication settings

  • You can now configure syndication specific settings for supplier groups for better file > supplier matching procedures.

Thumbnail buttons

  • You can now choose to display thumbnail buttons only (e.g. add to cart, add to lightbox) when hovering a thumbnail - without using the normal thumbnail mouseover function. To enable this, go to Site configuration, Thumbnail pages, General settings. Check the box Hide buttons from thumbnails, buttons will appear when hovering and/or when displaying large mouse over previews and select the radio button Button only hovering

Dynamic loading of script and HTML

  • We have implemented a new mechanism that loads external script and HTML on demand only. This includes files required for the Buy print function, the Price calculator, the Download comp function, the download direct function, the quote form, the mail page form and the full screen lightbox function. And most of the admin functions that are available on the client facing pages, e.g. the Gallery manager, the Batch edit dialog, the Content edit dialog et cetera. This mechanism is part of our continuous attempt to decrease the website foot print, i.c. to improve page load times, responsiveness and flexibility.

Responsive design 

  • We have made several changes to the html, script and css so that you can make your website design responsive (including support for mobile devices).

History manager

  • We have implemented a History manager to improve back button behavior. E.g. if you open a modal preview and you click your browser's back button, your browser will load the previous page. This is technically correct but logically users expect to see the thumbnail page they were on before opening the preview. The History manager improves usability for your website users by e.g. closing modal dialogs when the back button is clicked.


  • We have implemented a few additional security features to better handle DOS attacks and to detect hacking attempts.
  • You can now receive an e-mail notification if a security issue is detected. This includes notifications that are created if a user tries to log in several times in a short period of a time with a wrong login / password combination. To enable this function, go to Site configuration, E-mail configuration, and scroll down to the Notifications section.

HTML file uploader

  • You can now specify the maximum number of files in a series.
  • Several changes have been made for the Contest module.

Minor changes

  • If the calculated output size of a file is less than 1MB and you've configured file sizes to be displayed as sizes in MB, then the output will be <1 MB.
  • You can now (temporarily) disable the registration function.
  • Metatags Robots and Viewport can now be changed via Site configuration > SEO, Metatags, Social > HTML metatags
  • An additional button style has been added (for cart, lightbox icons etc). 
  • You can now use custom icons.

Developer info

  • The slot html now embed the button and info divs in a div with class name buttononlyhover. 
  • The count info for images in a set (on search resuts pages) is now inside a span with class name setcountinfo so that you can hide this if required.
  • <?xs path('xscss') ?> and <?xs path('xsjs) ?> can now be used in the code editor to get the relative path to the css and js folders.
  • The code editor has a separate edit function for responsive CSS (media query based). 


Bug fixes

  • Type of business wasn't uriencoded in the register form
  • Fixed a problem with certain URL's containing &+39 which made Google report those as links that could not be indexed. 

Software components

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