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  • 14 November 2015


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Version 26.5 fixes a number of problems that were introduced with version 26.4 which was a large update. 
Furthermore, several new functions and improvements were added. 

If your website has not been updated to 26.4 yet, both updates will be installed for you shortly. Please do read the article about version 26.4 also as it has some important information.

What's new

The list below shows what's changed and/or has been added.
Underneath each change - in italic - you can see where to change/configure the settings regarding each change.

  • You can now allow users to edit and save their contact details on the My Account page. The fields business type, job title and marketing info have also been added to the form. You will still receive an e-mail notification with the user account details if you enable the "Users can change and save their details" option.
    Site configuration > Website forms > My Account form
  • You can now display additional account information on the My Account page, giving the user a quick overview of the number of orders, invoices, reservations, usage confirmations and/or lightboxes.  Each of these information details can be individually added to the My Account page.
    Site configuration > Website forms > My Account form. At the bottom you'll see checkboxes that you can check to add the info to the page.
  • Print sizes can now be configured to display rounded sizes (both inches and cm)
    Download sizes can now be configured to display rounded to the nearest whole number in MB
    Download sizes can now be configured to display as uncompressed sizes in MB
    Site configuration > Metadata display > Collection file size settings (all three above settings)
  • The way search queries are shown at the top of the search pages has been rewritten for search refining and widening (by removing words).
    Site configuration > Search settings > General settings
  • The PayPal function can now be used with IPN for automatic download permissions as soon as payment confirmation is received from the PayPal servers. More info: Configuring PayPal.
    (c) You can now configure a single user account to test payments in a sandbox environment while the normal PayPal settings are already live.
    Site configuration > PayPal
  • You can now edit the cart page with the code editor. 
    Dashboard > Code editor
  • Tags for found files
    Tags linked to search results are now retrieved with an asynchronous request after the normal search results page has loaded. Retrieved tags are cached for better performance when paginating. When you refine your search using tags, the type of tag is taken into account so that proper queries (using OR for tags of the same type) can be automatically created when refining and/or widening search results. 
    Site configuration > Search settings > Tag lists
  • The constants files can now be edited
    Site configuration > Constants
  • Datamatic will now process and store stemmed words (if configured to do this).
    Site configuration > Word stemming
  • The price calculator now also shows help balloons for any help that is stored for Industries and/or Industry details.
    Dashboard > Price calculator & collections
  • The Google Tag Manager code is now inside the HTML body - as opposed to inside the HTML head.
    Site configuration > SEO & Social settings > Google analytics & Tag manager code
  • You can now disable ranking to affect the order of display when the "Latest" function is used to retrieve new files. 
    Site configuration, Search settings, Ranking, Ordering and Latest
  • The maximum number of files that would show in the list of photo widget files was 50 and has been changed to 500.
    Site configuration, Website files, Photo widget files
  • The stemming processing algorithm has been changed, you can now choose to store all words in the target field, not just the stemmed words. More information about this can be found in the article about word stemming.
    Site configuration > Word stemming
  • Support for the PacaSearch API is now integrated in the normal client facing websites.
  • (c) You can now print thumbnails of files on your invoices. For this purposes two invoice layouts have been added. You can also change the label on invoices to print something other than the word "Invoice. 
    Site configuration > Invoice settings
  • If an invoice is created for an order that was paid online with PayPal, the IPN details can be viewed on the invoice page.
    Invoice management > Invoice > Payments > click on IPN details
  • (c) You can now enable "Invoices" in the My Account menu and you can edit the label you want to use (e.g. My invoices). With this function, your clients can view their invoices and they can download the invoice as a PDF.
    Site configuration > Pages and menu > Website menu 
  • If you enable the above option, then you can also enable the New invoice notification e-mail option. The user will then receive an e-mail to let the user know that he/she can view and download the invoice on your website.
    Site configuration > E-mail configuration > Send the user an e-mail when a new invoice is created
    To change the e-mail template used for this option:
    Site configuration > E-mail templates. The template name is invoicenotification.
  • Integrate your MailChimp (or other) mailing list sign up form with the code editor
    Code editor > Newsletter > Sign up form page
  • Datamatic has been changed to reassign suppliers during updates if a matching field is configured.

Bug fixes

  • Fixed problem with JSON properties for custom18 in order management pages
  • Changed Datamatic to make sure that custom18 has valid JSON data
  • The full screen login page showed %20 instead of spaces in the login name. This is fixed.
  • The "E-mail this page" link on preview pages didn't work if there was an & in some of the fields. This is fixed.

Software components

  • API broker version
  • Suggestions Server
  • Datamatic
  • API cache server
  • Style broker
  • CBS broker configuration file version 66
  • Remote data broker version
  • Website API dll
  • Report broker
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