Infradox XS version 24 / 25

This article describes what's new in version 24 and 25.

Version 25 was created to fulfill a few additional minor requests from clients, and to fix a few problems that we came across when deploying version 24.


  • Currently being deployed

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Version 24 / 25 is a major update, offering many more customisation possibilities with a built-in code editor. Several articles have been added here on zendesk, about how you can develop your own home page, a custom footer, add custom css, use the XS widgets and so on. If you don't want to go that route, that's also fine because the standard styling options - that don't require any coding - have also been improved.

Styling options

  • We have added support for Google fonts.
  • You can now see the colors that you have chosen and we've added an advanced color picker.
  • You can now change the color settings for more elements than before, including hover states of menu items, shadow settings and so on
  • You can now define three different border and shadow styles that you can then apply to menu's, thumbnail boxes, dialogs and so on.
  • You can now specify the container width and spacing on thumbnail pages (galleries, search results etc)
  • If you use the layout Editorial I, you can now choose where you want the quick search box to appear - i.e. inside the masthead bar or underneath it.
  • You can now hide the thumbnail buttons for a very clean layout. The buttons (e.g. add to cart etc) will appear only upon hovering).

Custom pages

  • In addition to the simple custom pages with editable text, we have added a function that allows you create custom pages with the new code editor.
  • You can now create a custom home page and/or page footer, and you can add your own Javascript  and custom CSS. We have added a category  "website customising" with articles about all the new options. A code editor has been added with syntax high lighting. You can find the editor in back office, Site configuration.

Adding keywords from similar images

  • A new handy function is available in the meta data edit dialogs and on the upload pages, that allows you to find images that are already in the database and that are similar to the ones that you are editing. You can then apply all or selected keywords from such images. You can find further information in the article Adding keywords from similar images.

Advanced search panel

  • We have added an option to have the search panel always open - without a button to close the panel.
  • You can now choose to have the search panel sections opened by default. The user can close any section (with e.g. filters) he/she doesn't want to use and the website will "remember" the user's settings. 

Set editing on the client facing pages

  • In addition to the Gallery manager, you can now create, change and delete sets (series, galleries, events and so on) with a new function while browsing the normal client facing pages. The Set editor is a floating dialog to which you can add files with drag & drop. You can also add all the files that are showing on a page and so on. 

User accounts custom fields

  • You can now label the 10 custom fields that are available for each user account

Registration page

  • You can now use the custom fields on the registration page
  • You can now ask registrants if they want to register as a "photo buyer" or as a "contributor" and the registration page will change accordingly. E.g. certainly fields may be required for contributors only etc.
  • You can end Custom labels with a question mark to make the fields appear as a Yes / No radio button group.
    E.g. Are you a professional photographer?

Submission queue 

  • The submission queue now also generates larger previews so that you don't have to open the high res file to get a better view. You can also browse through the previews without having to close the dialog first. And you can accept or reject files in the preview dialog.
  • More custom fields were added to the upload page and submission queue pages.
  • You can now add "Reject reasons" (Site configuration, Submission reasons) to quickly add feedback when rejecting files.
  • Pagination links were added to the bottom of the page.

Supplier uploads

  • The supplier upload function is rewritten. It now also accepts long file names and names with spaces in them. The overview now includes file specifications.
  • The top of the page shows small thumbnails to indicate files that have been processed so that  you don't have to scroll down while uploads are being processed.
  • Thumbnails indicate if the file has been accepted or not (e.g. if the specifications meet the criteria that you have configured). Files that do not match the criteria remain in the holding area and can not be submitted to the queue or the database.
  • You can now specify the minimum size in pixels and the minimum size on disk 
  • You can change the number of files that you want to allow in a supplier's holding area
  • You can enter a text / instructions to be displayed on the supplier's upload page
  • You can which of the properties you want to display (e.g. RM/RF, editorial, commercial, MR, PR and so on)
  • The above settings can be configured via Site configuration, General settings, Submissions settings.

Supplier FTP accounts and uploads

  • You can now grant suppliers permissions to upload via FTP. They can then create an FTP account with the FTP button on their HTTP upload page / holding area. Files that suppliers upload with FTP will appear in their holding area where the process of keywording, checking and submitting the files is the same as it is when files are uploaded with the HTTP uploader.

Photo uploads by admins

  • If you use the http uploader for high res photos as an admin, you will now have to specify the supplier/photographer for each file that you upload.
  • Access to the http uploader has been removed from the Account menu and it is now part of the admin toolbar and dashboard.

Custom filters

  • The Infradox XS search engine supports several standardized filters to help your clients to get more specific search results. In addition to the standardized filters (media, image orientation, image type, rights, color, license type, release information and so on) we have added a new function that allows you to create custom filters. You can find this setting via Site configuration, Search settings, Custom filters in back office.

Displaying active filters

  • You can now choose to display each active filter at the top of the search page. The user can click each filter to remove it, i.e. searching again without that specific filter.
  • You can configure this setting via Site configuration, Search settings, Search filters. The options are Display options button, Display individual active filters, both or neither. 

Advanced search panel

  • You can now rearrange the order in which filter sections appear in the advanced search panel.
  • You can now choose to display the advanced search inputs (with and, or, and not radio buttons) above or underneath the filters.
  • You can now display Reset filters and Apply filters buttons in the advanced search panel.

Preview pages

  • You can now display square thumbnails and/or larger thumbnails in the pagination bar on the preview pages. 
  • You can now display data from other fields as keywords - instead of or in addition to - the actual keywords field. You can find this setting via Site configuration, General settings, Preview pages.

Features page / photo stories page

  • A new gallery layout has been added for display of photo stories, i.e. features. You can find more information here: Customising the Features page.
  • The gallery manager has been changed so that you configure a gallery root level to be used for the new features page layout.

Supplier functions

  •  In the metadata edit window, you can click on the supplier button to get detailed info about the supplier.
  • In supplier management, you can now click Actions for the following options:

Retrieve file count information 
Remove supplier's content and/or the supplier
Move supplier to a different group
Merge supplier with another supplier
Reprocess the supplier's files

File blocking / restrictions

Management pages

  • The management pages (e.g. for users, orders etc) now have a default date range filter enabled to improve page load times.

IP Location API

  • The 3rd party IP location API that we started to use in version 23 was unreliable and so we've developed our own. You can now see the location of each online user in the "current activity" logs

Session manager and Current activity log

  • The new version of the Infradox Session manager now has a new "anti hammering" function built-in to help prevent unwanted sessions created by unwanted anonymous bots and or crawlers.
  • The Current activity log indicates sessions that are blocked and if a session is from a supplier this is also indicated.

Page message

  • You can now display a message across the top of every page. This function will also be used by Xpertise, for instance to let your website users know that the site will be unavailable for maintenance. You can also disable logging in while the message is displayed and you can log out all current users.

Bug fixes

  • The gallery menu didn't use the "keep in front" setting for sort order. 
  • Fixed a problem with the "failed mail" link in back office. 
  • In version 23, a problem was introduced with the user CSV export. This has been addressed.
  • Video thumbnails were sometimes not shown as such. This is fixed.
  • You could not edit a text area on a page after it was made blank. This is fixed.
  • Fixed a few issues that occurred on closed sites only (e.g. having to be logged in to search)
  • The flags to change locales were misaligned. This has been fixed.
  • You could not set the color of the bottom panels (lightbox / order) in Editorial II. This has been addressed.
  • Some icons were slightly cropped at the bottom on the preview pages (depending on which icon set you used). This has been fixed.
  • Fixed a problem with the "illustrations" filter.
  • The "filtered" button appeared after clearing the filters when a search was started with a search link (as opposed to typing it in). This is fixed.
  • Certain characters in file names caused problems in the supplier upload function. This has been addressed.
  • The administrator's Submission page had a bug with filtering submissions for a single supplier when activating the filter by clicking on "filter supplier's files" in the list view. This is fixed.
  • The vocabulary didn't show all the words if the list exceeded a certain number. This is fixed.
  • Fixed a minor position problem for video thumbnails
  • Fixed a few CSS issues in Editiorial II
  • Preview pages didn't load if the caption contained html formatted text, this is fixed.
  • For some pages the correct menu item wasn't high lighted. This is fixed. 

Software components

  • Remote data broker build
  • API broker build
  • Repository server build
  • Style broker build
  • Image broker build
  • Infradox XS dll build
  • Infradox API build
  • Infradox IP Location API build
  • Infradox Session Manager build
  • Infradox Template Server build



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    Adam Elder

    Hi Martin,

    All looks great. Are there plans to include a way for site users to see an image file size in MB?

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