Infradox XS version 26.3 (updated)

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Version information and releases

All the centralised Infradox XS files (templates, scripts, configuration files et cetera) are used by all the websites on the XS platform. As a result, we could not roll out smaller updates of the same version - without affecting all the websites that were running on that same version. Starting with version 26, we will be releasing minor updates too. We have chosen to do this so that we can deploy so called release candidates and smaller updates with fixes or small change requests more frequently - and without affecting all the websites that are running on the same main version.
To find out which version and release your website is currently using, open the backoffice menu/dashboard. The version information is displayed on the top right. The main version is indicated by the part before the dot and the release number (or minor update number) is after the dot. E.g. version 26.1 is the first release of version 26.


Version 26.3 

This update furthermore addresses a few minor issues, and some new functions were added.

New functions

  • We have added a floating "scroll-to-top" button that you can enable via Site configuration, General settings. You'll find this setting in the first section at the top of the page.
  • You can now configure and change the settings for the syndication process yourself via Site configuration, Syndication. 
  • You can now enable so called Cover photos for your galleries, groups and/or toplevel pages. Use the gallery manager to enable a cover photo, and then go to the client facing page. Hover over the place holder and click on "Change cover photo" to upload a photo. The default height of the cover photo is 250 pixels and the width depends on your layout. You can change these settings by adding your own CSS.
  • Added several tags for use in custom built page banners/menus. You can now make use of several include files that allow you to make a custom banner/header, but without having to make a custom built menu too (more info here xs functions, tags and conditions and here building a custom header and menu). 
  • Added Empty buttons to the lightbox and cart panel bars at the bottom of the page.
  • You can now load all files that are marked as "delete requested" into your batch via the Action menu in the Batch window.
  • Administrators can now add additional files to existing orders. 
  • We have implemented additional caching mechanisms (databroker cache) to improve performance. More information can be found in this article: XS caching mechanisms.
  • You can now load your batch into your search results on the normal client facing pages. A menu item has been added to the admin toolbar.


  • Changed the batch script for the new caching functions. You can now add 1000 files at a time to the batch and the batch can hold 5000 files.
  • Improved the script that is used to display gallery groups with the Masonry style layout
  • Rewrite names can now have forward slashes (e.g. /main/about). 
  • You can now create a rewrite rule to implement a "404 page not found" handler.
  • Changed some CSS to prevent custom CSS to interfere with the Metadata edit dialog (also read this article).
  • If you send e-mail from the full screen lightbox dialog, the full screen dialog will remain visible.
  • A "add all to cart" button has been added to the full screen lightbox dialog.
  • That Gallery Root page has been changed to include linked galleries.
  • Added the gallery group name to the URL when once clicks "full screen" for a slide show on a gallery page.
  • Removed the pagination option from the Biography style gallery layout
  • Added some minor improvements to the Gallery manager and a link to Gallery management help.
  • You can now select multiple files in the Gallery manager. The bottom  toolbar has an option to remove all selected files.
  • Categories can now use default and large style thumbnails.
  • The admin order page now also displays the Supplier/Contributor name based on the supplier id - in addition to the credit
  • Changed the CSS of the HTML uploader to fix display problems for certain OS/browser combinations.
  • Retrieving file count information from supplier management now returns all count information - regardless of the contributor page settings.
  • The Gallery Carousel widget en the Gallery Matrix widget are changed to adhere to the gallery subdomain settings.
  • Added two filtering parameters to the slideshow widget (more info here: XS Widgets).
  • Added GMT+13 to the time zone settings (Summer New Zealand).
  • Added 8 digit refcode to options for comp image overlay text (Site configuration, General settings, Comping images. 
  • The page message bar can now be configured to display for admins only.

Bug fixes

  • The lightbox tools button (in the lightbox panel at the bottom of the page) didn't always open the lightbox dashboard on some websites and under certain conditions. This has been fixed.
  • The "bulk add to lightbox" function didn't work if you were adding more than 300 files at once. This is fixed.
  • Fixed a css problem with mouse-overs in the full screen lightbox dialog.
  • Fixed a problem with Date range filter / Added within last 180 days (fixed in XS API version
  • The search history in the advanced search panel (recent searches) didn't always show the correct results. This is fixed.
  • Under certain circumstances, some filters at the bottom of the advanced search panel weren't visible with the lightbox or cart panel up. This has been fixed by adding white space at the bottom of the search panel.
  • Site configuration, General settings, Preview pages did not show the correct settings for preview padding. This has been fixed.
  • The xml file wasn't deleted when you deleted a file from the HTML uploader queue. This has been fixed.
  • Under certain conditions, the full screen gallery slideshow did not work. This has been fixed.
  • The setting for full width layout (on thumbnail pages) changed if you changed the number of items per page. This is fixed.
  • The Gallery manager didn't show the correct layout under certain conditions. This is fixed.
  • Changing the supplier via File, Metadata had no effect (new supplier id wasn't saved). This is fixed.
  • Fixed a problem with required text area fields on the HTML uploader page.
  • Fixed a problem with the contributor/browse URL (when called from supplier management, actions, browse files).
  • When adding a first file to a new lightbox with the bottom panel open, the file wasn't always immediately displayed. This is fixed.

Software components

  • Infradox XS dll
  • Infradox 3rd party API
  • Infradox Datamatic
  • Remote Data Broker
  • Style Broker
  • Infradox Data Broker Server

Version 26.2

This section describes the changes in version 26.2. Scroll down for more information about version 26.1

  • The lightbox and cart panels at the bottom of the pages now show as many thumbnails as can fit the screen horizontally.
  • The lightbox and cart panels at the bottom of the pages are positioned differently to fix a problem that occurred on the iPad. 
  • Added supplier / contributor record custom fields 1 to 10 to the supplier matching fields in the metadata repository.
  • Changed CSS for the gallery manager to prevent certain custom CSS changes from causing problems.
  • Optimised the lightbox javascript file
  • Made some changes re displaying video thumbnails
  • You can now add a blank rewrite URL if you want to change the default landing page.

Bug fixes

  • Fixed a bug with the preview page thumbnail scroller setings.
  • Fixed a problem with the upload month filter code in Datamatic.

Version 26.1


Version 26 focuses on further customisation possibilities and contributor- and user engagement. Contributors can have profile pages that they can manage themselves. Including banner photos, profile photos, galleries, stories, tear sheets and so on. Your website users can furthermore follow their favorite contributors. The pages that were created for these new functions are built with the code editor so that you can change every detail yourself whenever you like. 

We have developed a new module that allows Infradox XS websites to be used for Photo competitions. The annual Dutch Zilveren Camera award competition will use Infradox XS. 

Additionally, version 26 offers a few more styling options, improvements and bug fixes.

Site configuration

  • We have added a search function to help you find specific settings in the Site configuration section of back office. We also added hints that will tell you which settings you can find where - in the different sections.
  • We have added links to articles with information about specific settings (help buttons).

Contributor pages

  • To increase user engagement you can offer your contributors their own profile pages and a number of related functions. Website users can follow their favorite photographers like they can on social media. The Following page will show the latest files from favorite photographers and other information as well. You can furthermore grant contributors permissions to maintain their own page, and access to information regarding their files. The layout and the functions offered can be completely customised as all pages are built with the web based Infradox code editor. The new Contributors overview page allows you to display a list of all or selected suppliers and it can be used whether or not you want to use the new Contributor profile pages.
  • If you have the "supplier editing" module, you can allow suppliers to edit their own profile page, upload a page banner, profile photo, tearsheets and so on. You can configure permissions for each supplier, specifying what you allow them to do. More info can be found here: Setting up the contributor pages.

Contributor browsing

  • As opposed to simply searching for a contributor's (supplier's) files, a new Contributor browsing mode has been added. 

Code Editor

We have added five more custom pages that you can create and maintain with the Code editor.
You can now use the code editor to build your own page header and menu. We've also added a new Quick search widget.
We have added a customisable "Explore page".

New Infradox widgets for the customisable pages and page fragments

  • Quick search widget
  • Photo widget
  • Database HTML widget

You can find more information in our article about widgets in general (including the new Photo widget), and in the article about Database HTML/Using SQL in your pages.

We have added more tags, variables and conditions that you can use in your custom pages. One of the new conditions allows you to include or exclude page fragments and/or to apply special styling (CSS) depending on the subdomain that is active. 

Upload HTML and CSS files

  • You can now upload your own HTML and CSS files via SIte configuration > Website files > HTML pages. 

Changing the supplier for a single file (photo)

  • The content metadata dialog - that you can access from the preview pages - now allows you to link a file to a different supplier. Click the supplier info button and then click "change" to find the new supplier. Click his/her name in the list after you have entered (part of) the supplier's name. When you save the data, the file will be linked to the new supplier.

Metadata on thumbnail pages and image titles

  • You can now configure from which fields you want to display on the thumbnail pages and you can configure the fields you want to use for image titles. The latter is for SEO purposes. More info re SEO can be found here: SEO settings.

Preview page pagination

  • If you don't want to use the thumbnail scroller on the preview pages, you can now display arrow bars to go to the next or previous file. You can choose to display the bars always on the left and right of the preview file - or to make the bars appear when hovering over the preview image.

Downloadable file sizes

  • We have added two new codes for downloadable files, code 9 for 750 pixels @ 72dpi and code 10 for 500 pixels @ 72dpi

IPTC injection

  • You can now configure if and how you want to inject IPTC into downloadable files (from orders and comping images). For further information, read this article.

Terms and conditions for the Cart page

  • Previously, the link at the bottom of the cart page displayed the standard terms and conditions. You can now choose to display a different text instead. The standard terms and conditions page can be loaded (and edited) with the relative path /terms-and-conditions, the delivery terms can be loaded with the relative path /delivery-terms. Go to Site configuration, Cart page, Cart page settings to change the settings as required.

E-mail templates

Search settings

You can now completely hide and disable the search function or choose any of the following options:

  • Enable the search function, search is visible and can be used by anyone
  • Enable the search function, but the user must log in to search
  • Completely disable and hide the search function
  • Completely disable and hide the search function, until a user is logged in
  • Completely disable and hide the search function, except for administrators

Tag lists / tag clouds

  • You can now display tag clouds or lists of keywords (or other tags) and/or contributors on the search results pages. Such tags can be used to refine searches or to start new searches. Read the article about tag lists for further information. 
  • You can now configure how you want to extract unique words for suggestions and tag lists. More information here: Extracting unique words for suggestions and tag lists.

New content filters and properties

  • We have added new standard filters for NSFW content
  • We have added a pricing group property that allows you to specify different pricing for individual files
  • A "delete request" property was added that allows your contributors to request deletion of certain files (if you grant them such permissions)
  • A new property was added that allows you and/or your contributors to require Approval before sales (if you grant your contributors such permissions).
  • You can grant contributors with editing permissions rights to change the following properties: NSFW, Request file deletion, Contributor approval required, Pricing group, Print sales, Block syndication, Block agents. These properties can be changed on a file by file basis but also for many files at once - by use of the batch update function.

If you want to add the new filters to the user interface / client facing pages, then create a custom filter for it. This is described in the article about Custom filters.

Date range filters

You can now enable date range filters in the advanced search panel. Users can filter for files that were uploaded in the last x days or month, that were uploaded in a certain year or year range, and/or that were created in a certain year or year range. Please the article about Date filters for further information.

Administrator's order page

  • You can now change both the prices and selected download sizes of RF files. 
  • Note that if you create an order into a user's account (on the user management page), you'll be able to choose between the lowest and highest resolution as download option for the end user. But if you then open the order as an administrator, you'll now be able to change the download size and price for each of the files in that order.

Creating your own rewrite rules

New API broker and API cache

  • The new version of the API broker has a number of optimizations that will make it faster and more stable. 

Preview page

  • We have made some improvements to the preview pages. You can now position the thumbnail scroller in different positions and with a number of new styling settings. You can find these settings under Pages and menu, Website pages.

Shared lightbox access

  • A button to return to the lightbox that was received by e-mail is now added to the pagination bar on the thumbnail pages (search, galleries etc).

Logging in and loggin out action

  • You can now configure a page that you want to display when a user logs in. You can choose to use the default behavior (reloading the active page) or you can load a page of your choice depending on the user type, i.e. client, contributor or administrator. Also see Creating custom URL rewrites.
  • As a default, the home page will load when a user signs out. You can now also choose to load a different page by select one of your custom rewrites.

Contest module

  • We have developed a "contest" module, allowing us to deploy Infadox websites for photo contests. You can read about how to configure a Photo competition website here.  

HTTP uploaders

  • The upload pages and the Submissions log are now also available in Dutch
  • The upload pages now also support MS Internet Explorer 8 or later
  • Creation date and time are extracted from photoshop_DateCreated, exif_DateTimeDigitized, exif_DateTimeOriginal or xap_CreateDate - in that order until a date value is found. Dates are normalised as yyyy-mm-dd. 
  • If you enable Creation date on the upload forms, a datetime picker is provided.
  • You can now link the vocabulary to fields in the uploader to provide dropdowns with immediate child terms from a level in the vocabulary.
  • The uploader can now test for required fields.
  • You can now allow contributors to create series titles so that such files can be automatically stored as series (galleries).

Metadata repository

  • The metadata repository management view has been rewritten.
    More information about this subject can be found in the article The metadata repository
  • Field labels for Editors (staff but also suppliers, photographers/contributors with edit permissions) now also support localisation. 
  • You can now configure a field for supplier matching in the metadata repository via the web interface (previously this was done on the server).
  • You can now specify a display color for field values.
  • You can now select a text transformation option for field values (i.e. uppercase, lowercase, capitalize, capitalize except words in all caps).

Bug fixes, performance improvements and other changes

  • When you create an order into a user's account and the order contains RF images, pricing info is now updated.
  • You can now change prices in the order management section, even if files are RF or calculated with the RM price calculator.
  • Fixed a problem when deleting all content from a single supplier via Supplier management > actions > Remove supplier's content and/or the supplier.
  • Fixed problems with diacritical characters.
  • If you clicked outside the quote form on the preview page, the mask disappeared but the form stayed. This is fixed.
  • Fixed a problem with exporting suppliers to CSV (not all suppliers were included in the export).
  • Lightbox received by e-mail didn't paginate correctly under certain conditions. This has been solved.
  • Search by photographer name on preview sometimes returned files not belonging to that supplier. This has been fixed.
  • Link in cookies message read privacy policy but linked to terms and conditions. This is fixed.
  • Price calculator didn't show correct currency when called on cart page. Fixed.
  • Fixed a session problem that occurred with domain names with more than one dot (e.g.
  • The order and download pages displayed some English text even when the selected language was Dutch. Fixed.
  • When moving HTTP uploaded files to the submission queue, the original filename was not always part of the generated XML side car file. This is fixed.

Software components

  • Remote data broker build
  • API broker build
  • Style broker build
  • Infradox XS dll build
  • Infradox API dll build
  • Image broker build
  • API broker cache service build
  • Datamatic build
  • Database agent build
  • Repository server
  • Suggestions server
  • XML reader service
  • CBS broker XS ini file 66 for XS version 26.1
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