Infradox XS version 23

This article describes what's new in version 23.


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New: Infradox XS Satellite

  • We now offer a new version of XS called XS Satellite. Photo agencies can offer their photographers their own website at low costs. XS Satellite websites "plug in" to the photo agency database to retrieve the photographer's content. XS Satellite has no order system, it does offer a button on the preview pages that allows website visitors to licence a file on the photo agency website. XS Satellite offers all the functions that other XS websites have including user management, gallery management, lightboxes and so on.

New: Submission queue

  • If you have the "Supplier editing module", you can now use the new Submission queue function. You can grant individual suppliers permissions to upload files using the built in HTTP upload function. Files are kept in the supplier's holding area, so that the meta data can be changed (values are extracted from embedded metadata if available) before files are submitted. There's also a new page where your suppliers can review their own submissions, the status of each file and they can even respond to any remarks or questions you may have.
  • You can specify for each supplier if their files will be added to the database immediately, or if their files will be added to the new Submission queue. This new backoffice function allows you to review files before you add such files to the database. You can of course also reject files or mark files as pending et cetera - and you can communicate about your findings with your suppliers. For example if you need further information about a specific file before allowing it to enter the database. You can also post messages related to a supplier's submissions (see below). 

New: User messages

  • You can now create messages for users with a number of configuration parameters. Messages can show instantly (if the user is logged in) or the next time the user logs in. Messages can be configured to display once or repeatedly and you can also configure actions to be executed when such messages are displayed. E.g. you can log the user out - or even disable the user's account - once the message is read. Messages can contain HTML so you can also use links to pages, galleries and so on. 
  • To add or edit a message, find the user in the User management view, click on the account in the table and then click the "messages" tab in the dialog. 

New: Supplier editing with batch edit function

  • These functions are available if you have bought the "Supplier editing module" and if you have granted a supplier "editing permissions".
  • If a user with "supplier" permissions logs in, a "supplier toolbar" will appear on the top left of the screen. This toolbar gives access to the functions "batch mode on/off", "view batch", "add/remove file", "http upload and holding area", "submission queue".
  • Suppliers can now use the batch function to add files - that are online - to their batch, which in turn allows them to change the meta data for many files at once. E.g. to add keywords to a number of files and so on.
  • Single files can also be edited from the preview pages by clicking "Edit metadata" in the Supplier toolbar or by pressing ctrl+alt+e.
  • Metadata from a specific file can be copied and applied to other files. 
  • Note that you can configure which fields are visible/editable for suppliers in the "metadata repository".

Order management

  • Several changes to the user interface
  • A "quick view" option was added
  • Load speed has improved
  • You can now group orders by account. This means that only the latest order for an account initially shows and you can click to view any other orders from the same account.
  • We have added a new function that lets you display all the files that were ordered by a specific user account (within a date range etc) in a pop up dialog.
  • You can now find orders containing a specific files by the file Id, API reference or Supplier id
  • You can now download the orders as described above (e.g. orders containing files from a specific supplier) as CSV
  • The existing download CSV function now has additional information added

Direct download function changes

  • Direct downloads bypass the cart page. As a default, each Direct download will create an order. Starting with version 23 you can have subsequent Direct downloads added to an existing order that was created on the same day.

  • If a user clicks "Direct download" for a file he/she already downloaded previously, a new order is not created if that existing order still has download permissions, if the order is not closed, if the order detail is not blocked and if the order is not older than the configured number of days. You can now change the number of days. Note that if the order already has 40 details, a new order will be created automatically.
  • Both of the above settings can be found under Site configuration, Website forms, section Direct download form

User Management, organisations and administrator permissions

  • We have added keyboard shortcuts to several of the most used functions in the administrator menus
  • Several changes to the user interface
  • Added "quick view" option 
  • Added possibility to search for user logins
  • You can now choose a sort order i.e. last name, organisation name, registration date, last login date - all either ascending or descending
  • We have added a "date type" filter to the date range box. You can now search for users that registered within a selected date range or that last logged in, in the selected date range.
  • New user search filter for users with read and/or unread messages (see above)
  • You can now configure a number of API user accounts settings (i.e. the user accounts that are used login with the 3rd party API)
  • You can now create "organisations" from user accounts, and you can add user accounts to such organisations
  • We have added a new separate Organisation dialog
  • You can apply permissions, financial settings, address details and so on to all accounts belonging to the same organisation
  • You can now remove administrator permissions from accounts
  • You can now promote any user account to administrator
  • Introduction of the new "Super administrator" account. You can have one "Super administrator". Please read the following:
  • You can now set permissions on each administrator account if you are logged in with the "super administrator" account. You can grant or remove permissions for the following functions: 
    • User management 
    • Order management 
    • Invoice management 
    • Gallery management 
    • Batch editing
    • File editing 
    • Supplier management 
    • Supplier payments
    • Site configuration 
    • File collections and pricing parameters 
    • Controlled vocabulary management
    • Access to logging data 
    • Edit pages
    • HTTP upload 
    • Submission queue management
  • You can now link user accounts to suppliers and you can grant such accounts permissions to 1) edit their own content, 2) to upload content with the built-in HTTP uploader and 3) you can choose if content is automatically processed or added to the submission queue first (waiting to be reviewed/approved). Note that this requires the optional "Supplier editing" module.

Failed e-mail and Logs pages

  • The "Failed e-mail" log has been moved to the Logs page
  • You can now view the error message with information re the send mail failure
  • We added a "retry" button so that you can try to send the failed e-mail again
  • We have added IP location. The "who's online" page will show you where sessions are from based on this information.

Supplier Payments

  • If there are more than 100 invoice details for a supplier in a given period, then the additional invoice details are retrieved in chunks of 100 rows until all details are loaded.

Supplier properties

  • You can create your own supplier match codes again (XS Enterprise and XS Agency only)
  • You can link suppliers to user accounts to allow users to upload via HTTP and/or to edit their own content (requires SE module).

Gallery Events pages

  • You can now disable the age setting of events (i.e. list events regardless of how old such events are).

Order of fields on preview pages

  • You could already change the order in which fields are displayed on the preview pages but you could not do this for the fields "online date/time" and "orginal filename". You can now change the order of display for these two fields too.

Fixes and minor improvements

  • Fixed a problem that occurred when trying to add multiple root level items in the Controlled vocabulary
  • Improved download speed of high res files
  • Lighbox e-mail was not sent to the cc recipient if you checked "send me a copy" - this is fixed
  • Fixed some CSS problems for Firefox browsers
  • The user's vat number wasn't displayed in the user dialog. This has been fixed.
  • The supplier list showed the first 100 suppliers only. This is fixed.
  • The gallery group page didn't load additional galleries after the first 100 if the "Masonry" style was applied. This has been fixed.

Software versions

  • Infradox Session Manager - added IP location to the "who's online" list
  • Infradox Mail Server - removes files from the send queue if files can't be moved to the sent queue
  • Infradox XS dll
  • Remote Data broker - fixed bug with supplier match codes
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