Infradox XS version 22

This article describes what's new in version 22.

Update: this article includes a few updates on earlier version 22 (made available on 2 Feb 2014).


  • Currently being deployed

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User management 

  • You can now grant "only low res download" permissions on user accounts. With this option selected, the user can only download the smallest available file.
  • You can now grant "only delivery via email" permissions on user accounts. With this option selected, the user can send the file to an e-mail address only. Download buttons will not appear.
  • Please also read the article about configuring download permissions
  • If you save user account properties, your changes are immediately effective - even if the user is currently logged in (so users will not have to log out and in again for changes to their permissions to take effect). If you disable an account and that user is currently logged in, he or she will automatically be logged out.
  • You can now add single files to a user's lightbox or to a user's cart with the new file lookup dialog - on the user management pages.

Bots, Crawlers and Feed fetchers

  • We have made several changes to properly handle requests made by Bots, Site crawlers and Feed fetchers. The XS system keeps a list of so-called "good" and "bad" bots. We deny "bad" agents access to prevent exorbitant bandwidth usage and other server problems. IP addresses used by such bots, crawlers and feed fetchers are dynamically added to the blocked IP list. 
  • Google, Bing and MSN are considered as "good" bots. There's a list of "bad" bots (contact us if you want information about this list). Unknown bots are automatically treated as "bad" bots.

Website logs

  • The Current activity page now shows which bots are currently active on your website. Bad bots will no longer appear as their requests are now immediately denied without creating sessions.
  • We have added a checkbox to the Current activity page that allows you to hide active bots from the view.
  • We have added a tab to the Website logs page, where you can view all currently blocked IP addresses (see below)

IP address black listing

  • You can now black list ip addresses and ip ranges. Such IP address will not be able to access your website anymore (server response 404.6 Forbidden). To add ip's to the list, go to Site configuration, IP addresses. The page will also show you all currently blocked IP's including temporarily blocked IP addresses. The latter may happen if a user attempts to login too many times in a short period time. Such IP blocks are automatically removed after 15 minutes. 

Direct download and Download now - options

  • You can now enable Direct download (A) and Download now (B) buttons on the preview pages. This option can be configured via Site Configuration, General settings, section Preview pages. 
  • A) Direct download means that the user can download files from the preview pages. An order is created for every file the user downloads by use of this function. The user can still use the cart system as well. Grant a user such permissions via User management. This button will not appear if the user may download low res only or if the user may get files through email only.
  • B) The Download now button appears on the preview pages but not if Direct download is enabled for the user.
    Clicking the button will add the file to the cart and it will then display the cart page as usual.

Right-click on images

  • You can now disable right-clicking on images (Site configuration, General settings, section General settings). If you want to disable right-clicking on images then you can choose to still allow right-clicking on previews.

Gallery and gallery group pages

  • You can now configure how gallery and group titles are displayed in the "title trail" on gallery related pages. You can find these settings in Site configuration, General settings, section Gallery pages. You can choose between Title only, Group and Gallery title, and full trail which means Root level title, Group title and Gallery title. You can also choose which separator you want to use. 
  • If you don't want guests to access/view ANY gallery related page, you can now disable guest access with a single setting - so that you don't have to configure this via the Gallery manager for each gallery root level or group separately (which is still possible too). To change this setting go to Site configuration, General settings, section Gallery pages.
  • If you use the Gallery root page, you can now change the order in which root levels appear (Site configuration, General settings, Gallery pages > Root levels sort order)

New: Gallery Events page

  • We have added a new page to display galleries as "Events". Events can be football matches, red carpet events and so on. Datamatic (on the server) can be configured to automatically create such events based on different parameters and metadata criteria. Contact us for further info. For this purpose, Gallery manager now has an option to mark a root level as a "events page" level. To configure the events page, go to Site configuration, General settings, section Gallery pages.

Series links

  • You can now configure the menu item that you want to high light when viewing a "series". You can find this setting in Site configuration, Search settings, section Series links.

Quick search

  • A new setting was added that allows you to repeat (show) the last executed search in the quick search box. You can find this setting in Site configuration, Search settings, section Quick search.

Invoicing and Supplier payments

  • You can now add single files (not part of an order) to any invoice.
  • Supplier and Supplier group payment data is now downloadable as CSV
  • Individual supplier payment data is now downloadable as CSV, XML and as a PDF sales report.
  • An invoice can now have more than 100 invoice details.
  • The file macro (used when generating a PDF of an invoice) has a new conditional that allows you include certain info only if the invoice detail is linked to an order.

Other back office changes

  • We have added a "System info" pages. 
  • Invoice management is now part of the drop down menu in the admin toolbar (optional module)

Fixes and minor changes

  • We changed the css to fix some consistency problems with buttons on preview pages and gallery boxes
  • Original file names with spaces caused zip download problems. This is fixed.
  • If the cart input forms have no inputs at all, the "copy details" links are now hidden.
  • The series boxes didn't display in "large thumbnail view" when "hovering" was disabled. This is fixed.
  • If you have disabled quick search on search results pages, and the user hasn't searched yet, then the advanced panel will automatically show.
  • If there's a file in the web server script folder called client.js - this is now automatically loaded and executedin the client facing pages.
  • If there's a file in the web server css folder called client.css - this is now automatically included in the client facing pages.
  • With sets enabled and thumbnail mouse-overs switched off and thumbnail previews switched on > the sets link was showing twice. This is fixed.
  • Address field 2 is now always optional, even if address is required. 
  • The supplier territorial restrictions dialog showed only the first 50 countries, this is fixed.

Software versions

  • FileConnectorAgent - now has support for the Action Images API
  • InfradoxStyleBroker - generates custom css
  • Infradox Session Manager - now keeps track of black listed ip addresses and dynamically blocks unwanted traffic from certain ip's).
  • Infradox User Manager - added a function to retrieve temporarily blocked ip's (blocked after too many bad logins)
  • Infradox Template Server - added a life sign method
  • Infradox API broker - minor changes / code optimisations
  • Infradox 3rd party API 
  • Infradox XS dll
  • Infradox Report Broker
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