Infradox XS version 21

This article describes what's new in version 21. 

Although v21 is a minor update, it offers a few powerful additions and changes that were requested by several of our clients.


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Thumbnail pages layout

  • You can now configure a fixed width for the thumbnail pages layout (i.e. search results, galleries, shared lightboxes). 
  • You can now change both the horizontal and vertical spacing between the thumbnails on the thumbnail pages.
  • The settings described above, can be changed via Site configuration > Website style > Thumbnail spacing.
  • If you have configured a fixed width layout (described above), you can still allow end users to switch between a "fluid" and "fixed width" layout by displaying a setting in the toolbars, the layout pop up window, or both. The "fluid" layout automatically displays as many thumbnails across as fit the screen.
  • You can now also choose to display the "mouse over previews" setting in either the toolbars, the layout pop up window, or both. You can find these settings under Site configuration > General settings > Thumbnail pages layout.
  • The order in which the toolbar sections appear can now be changed with drag & drop, also via Thumbnail pages layout in the General settings. Toolbars have 4 sections, 1) buttons for pagination and the page number, 2) the "items per page" section 3) options (e.g. mouse over previews on/off, fluid layout on/off and 4) buttons for bulk add to lightbox, bulk add to cart, e-mail and so on.

Advanced search panel

  •  You can now display an advanced search panel on the search pages. The panel has 3 search boxes and options for AND, OR, NOT. Further configuration options can be found here > Site configuration > Search settings > Advanced search panel > check the setting "Display and,or,and not search boxes". You'll also find an option to hide the Quick search box on the pages where the advanced search panel appears. 

Set searching

  • If the user has enabled "set searching", suggestions will only show gallery names - not keywords.

Preview pages

  • You can now choose between 4 different positions for the preview page tools (add to cart/add to lightbox/comp image/email page etc). I.e. 1) top right next to preview image, 2) underneath thumbnails for pagination, 3) underneath preview image or 4) above preview image.
  • You can now hide the labels and just display the buttons/icons of the above functions.
  • You can now include a hide/show keywords link. If you use this option, you can choose to either hide or show the keywords by default. The user can then toggle between the two modes.


  • You can now choose to use a Home icon instead of a text label in the main menu. You can either use the default icon or you can upload your own. To change this setting, go to Site configuration, Pages and menu, Website menu.

Login box on the home page

  • You can now embed a login box in either of the editable text areas on the home page. Add the div  <div id="divhomelogin" style="width: 300px"></div>. To hide the box for logged in users, add the class "hideifloggedin". To be able to do this you must first click the "show source" button in the text editor toolbar. You can style the box by either using inline css or by specifying your own css via Site configuration, Website style, Custom CSS.

Custom CSS

  • You can now style any element by writing your own css. Site configuration, Website style, Custom CSS. We are of course happy to do this for you too.

Bug fixes

  • The default number of items per page and the default view style weren't properly applied. This has been fixed.

Software versions

  • Infradox XS dll
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