Infradox XS version 20

This article describes what's new in version 20


  • Currently being rolled out

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Website Style

  • You can now change the website font, its size and color.
  • You can now change the font, its size and its color of the main menu items and the submenu items (separately).
  • You can now change the font, its size and its color, of all the page headings.
  • You can change color and font settings, even if you have a bespoke website.

Menu locales

  • You can now change the labels for these locales: Register, Log in, Log out, Forgot your password, Change password and Download orders. To change these locales go to Site configuration, Pages and menu, Other locales.

Search settings

  • All search settings are now in a separate section in backoffice (previously part of General settings).


  • We have added support for the search syntax ^query=display. This syntax allows you to search for something while displaying something else. You can use this e.g. for queries that you attach to "search only" galleries. For example ^sup398=Tom Jones, searches for supplier code sup398 but displays the query as if it has searched for "Tom Jones".
  • You can now enable/disable displaying the number of found files in the Search menu item.
  • You can now display a link to the "Search tips" page above the quick search box.

Latest files

  • You can now change how the "latest files" function works, i.e. what happens when a user clicks "latest" in the menu. The options are > Default behavior, files uploaded today, files uploaded today and yesterday, files uploaded in the last 7 days, files uploaded in the last 14 days, files uploaded this month,  files uploaded this and last month and files uploaded this month and the last two months. 

Set searching

  • We have added a new function for "Set searching". Users can toggle between full text searching for files and "set searching". The Gallery manager allows you to exclude top levels from being searched. This function and the new Found sets (galleries) page can be configured via Site configuration > Search settings > Set searching. Settings include (among other things) which fields are being searched, how the results are displayed, if you want to enable date range filtering.

Series links underneath thumbnails

  • You can now display a link underneath thumbnails on the search pages to indicate that a file is part of a "series". When the user hovers over or clicks the link a box can be displayed showing additional thumbnails from the same "series". You can enable and configure this function via Site configuration > Search settings > Series links. Settings include how and when to display the box, what happens when a thumbnail is clicked, how many additional thumbnails to show and so on. You can use Gallery manager to exclude certain root levels from being used for this function.

Ranking and ordering

  • You can now enable ranking of your search results. In addition to the default order "latest first" you can now choose from 5 predefined options and XS now also supports bespoke/custom ranking and ordering. The latter has to be configured on the server, feel free to contact us if you have special requirements. The settings can be changed via Site configuration > Search settings > Search engine.
  • Infradox XS allows you to rank files with a value between 1 to 5. Enable "batch mode" while browsing thumbnails on the client facing pages (via the admin toolbar on the top left). Each thumbnail will show 5 stars, click a star to update the ranking for that file.

Metadata repository 

  • You can now change the order in which fields are displayed with the settings in the metadata repository. Your changes will affect the preview pages, the cart and the download/order pages, but you can enable or disable the custom order for each of these pages. 

New custom pages

Preview pages

  • You can now change the order in which meta data fields are displayed (see Metadata repository above). To enable your custom order of display, go to Site configuration > General settings > Preview pages and select "Use the Metadata repository field display order".
  • You can now change the color and the padding of the box behind the preview images. Change the padding to 0 pixels to hide the box.
  • A border is no longer shown around the availbe files information, if you choose "Show only master file info on preview pages (regardless of other available sizes) "

Gallery pages

  • You can now change the color, border and shadow settings for all gallery overview pages via Site configuration > Website style > Color scheme. 
  • If you have entered a gallery subtitle, this is now displayed underneath the gallery title.
  • If you have entered a gallery description, this is now displayed on all relevant pages.
  • We have added a new layout for gallery group pages. Large thumbnails are displayed with a fixed width and variable height to achieve a style look and feel.
  • We have added a new gallery root page. This page will show all root levels with information about the number of groups and for each root level a random group thumbnail. You can also display a tree with an overview of all root level galleries and groups on either the left or the right of the page. The page can be configured via Site configuration > General settings > Gallery pages. You can then attach it to one of the menu items via Site configuration > Pages and menu > Website menu. You can use the Gallery manager to exclude certain root levels from appearing on this page.

RSS for galleries

Embedding RSS feeds on your pages with editable text

  • You can now configure up to three RSS feeds (both external feeds and feeds for your latest galleries as described above) on any page with editable text. To configure feeds go to Site configuration > Home page > RSS feeds.

Cart page settings

  • You can now change how many files are allowed in the cart - between 10 and 100 files, via Site configuration > Cart page.


  • The centered version of the masthead for website style Editorial I has been updated to better fit the layout (the background color no longer expands).
  • With a centered narrow layout, if the width of the left part of the menu is too wide, its right most items are automatically hidden. 
  • The modal login box shows a green (not red) message if a user is succesfully logged in.

Page footer

  • You can now disable or change the standard page footer by using your own HTML. Site configuration > General settings > Page footer. Untick the box "Use the default page footer" to display your own HTML.

Text editor

  • The built in text editor has been updated to the latest version.

Adding new lightboxes

  • The input boxes now show "Enter a lightbox name" in italic.

User management

  • When you create a new user account - and when you save an existing user account - from the user management page (backoffice), the default tax and currency settings are applied if you don't select anything for these values. You can configure the defaults for the different countries via Site configuration > Countries. Make sure that you have first configured the tax and currency settings for your website.

Bug fixes

  • Search filters were disgarded when using IE9 and IE10. This is not a bug. It only happens with IE9 and IE10 if you run your website on an IP-address or a domain name that doesn't conform to the RFC1035 ( standards because then IE can't store cookies.
  • Clicking on the homepage slideshow if set up to search broke the URL in Firefox. This is fixed.
  • Strange icons under search filters show/hide arrows in IE. This is fixed.
  • The text editor sometimes broke the layout when switching between HTML and Text. This is fixed.
  • Default style thumbnail layout in backoffice doesn't show the correct saved value. This is fixed.
  • Searching for e.g. test.jpg (dot in search query) problem. This is fixed.
  • HTTP uploader problem when metadata contains a TAB character. This is fixed.
  • Keywords with apostrophes were displayed with a backslash in front of the apostrophe. This is fixed.
  • The order of fields for editing in the metadata repository was not saved correctly. This is fixed.
  • The logo position settings were changed when switching between website styles. This is fixed.
  • In version 19, administrators didn't get a separate notification e-mail about new users registering. This is fixed.
  • Removed white space between text and photo in the comping image window.
  • Field 3 on the cart page for RM images didn't display as a drop down when configured as such. This is fixed.
  • The list of countries under General settings, User interface language, Country & Time zone was truncated. This is fixed.

Software versions

  • Infradox Repository Server
  • Infradox XS dll
  • Infradox Set Search Server
  • Infradox API broker
  • Infradox Partner API
  • Infradox Remotedatabroker 
  • Infradox Websearch broker
  • Infradox Fulltextsearch Server 


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