Infradox XS version 19

This article describes what's new for version 19.


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Video support

  • We have added support for video files. Video requires a separate processing workflow and it requires a module which is to be bought separately.
  • As part of the video workflow procedures we generate three types of video files from the actual video files to support a wide range of browsers and devices, including Apple iPads. Certain browsers will not have the option to play video on the thumbnail pages but on the preview pages only. With most modern standards compliant browsers however (e.g. Firefox, Chrome, Safari) you can watch video play on the thumbnail pages too by hovering over a thumbnail.

Metadata repository

  • The Metadata repository (Site configuration, Metadata repository) now allows you to hide/show certain fields for specific media types (or all). This can be used to show certain data and the associated label (title) only for e.g. video files.

Preview pages

  • You can now display a text on the preview pages if the file displayed is an image, a video/clip or other content. The position of the text can be above the preview, underneath the preview, underneath the buttons or underneath the metadata (Site configuration, General settings, section "Preview pages").

Search filtering for users and guests

Changes to gallery pages and the Gallery manager

  • The gallery manager now shows the URL to either the selected root level, gallery group or gallery. You can copy the URL's for use in your menu's, page texts and/or sharing on other websites/social media.
  • The access and deny codes (described above) are also used to control access to specific galleries. This is a new function in addition to the option of password protecting specific galleries. You can now also control whether or not specific galleries are accessible for guests.


  • We have improved the dynamic subdomains function, and you can now also use access and deny codes (see above) to control which content is visible while a subdomain is active.

Cart / Orders

  • Infradox XS no longer supports download orders with more than 50 files to prevent problems with huge zip files and download times when retrieving master files from remote API's. If users need more than 50 files, separate smaller orders will have to be created.

Server side software

  • Datamatic now supports automatic creation of content sets for XS websites. This function can be used to automatically group files into a set (gallery) based on a predefined set of conditions (or rules in Datamatic terminology). 
  • The Infradox Partner API and API broker software is updated for support of the user search filters.


  • We have fixed a problem that sometimes occurred with cookies (this problem was introduced with the subdomains function in version 18).
  • Under specific conditions the log pages didn't return any information. This has been fixed.
  • When creating an order into a user's account (from the user management pages) the order details did not get a supplier id assigned. This is fixed.
Software versions
The following software components are updated:
  • API broker:
  • Infradox XS dll
  • Infradox Partner API:
  • Infradox Datamatic:
  • Infradox Repository Server:


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