Infradox XS version 18

This article describes the changes for version 18.


  • Sometimes hidden images still appeared in searches and vice versa. This problem was caused by the caching server. This is now fixed.
  • If you pressed enter with the cursor in a page number input box, a page was loaded even if the input was blank or had the same page number as the page currently showing. This has been changed.
  • Spaces in login names appeared as %20 in the login box. This has been fixed. Note that it is recommended to use e-mail addresses instead of separate login names.
  • Fixed several script errors that occurred when using IE8.
  • The Copyright field and/or Credit field appeared twice on preview pages with certain settings. This has been fixed.
  • Fixed an order page problem (only occurred with the language Dutch active).
Gallery manager
  • You can now select top level galleries from which the new Gallery Matrix widget (described below) can take galleries.
  • In addition to moving gallery groups to other root levels and moving galleries to other groups within the same root level, you can now move all galleries from any group to a any group in any root level.
  • The view will now automatically select the root level and gallery group, depending on the client facing page that you are viewing when you open the gallery manager.
  • You can now hide or show galleries if a (any) subdomain is active, if no subdomain is active and you can make galleries visible only if a specific subdomain is active (see below).
  • You can now also assign a click event to the Gallery main menu item (as opposed to just the dropdown menu items).
Site Configuration
  • We have moved the Website style and Home page options from the Wesite appearance settings into new separate sections because of the number of (new) configuration settings and home page widgets.
Website colors and display settings
  • The color themes are now separate from the website "Style" that you have selected.
  • We have added several predefined color schemes that you can apply to your website
  • You can now change the color of almost any website element, with one of the predefined schemes as a starting point.
  • Thumbnail boxes can now have rounded corners and/or different styles of shadows.
Button icons
  • You can now choose the buttons that you prefer for the thumbnail and preview pages (e.g. buttons for add to lightbox et cetera)
Gallery Matrix widget
  • We have developed a new widget that you can enable on the home page. This widget will randomly display galleries in a grid. There are many styling options available so that you give it a unique look.
Gallery Carousel widget
  • The carousel widget now has a number of additional settings that allow you to tweak its looks and datasource. In addition to displaying selected galleries only, you can now choose to display the latest galleries from any root level or from selected root levels only. The carousel can now display galleries in a random order of display, with large square thumbnails, with borders, shadows and so on.
Slide show widget
  • Slide show images are now automatically resized to fit the browser width if you have selected the layout Editorial II
  • You can now configure what happens when a slide show image is clicked. I.e. nothing, execute a search, or open a specific url.
Keywords index page
  • We have added a keyword index page. This page lists all the extract keywords for any letter in the alphabet. You can enable this page by adding it to your menu with the url /keywords.
Search page advanced search panel
  • You can now completely remove the advanced search panel from the search pages or you can choose to have the search panel closed by default (the user will have to open the panel to make it visible).
Gallery page title list panel
  • You can now completely remove the panel (on the left of the page) from the gallery pages or you can choose to have the panel closed by default (the user will have to open the panel to make it visible).
Gallery blog style layout
  • The blog style layout has been improved.
New preview size
  • You can now choose between previews of 500 pixels or 700 pixels (on the longest side).
  • Also, clicking a preview displays it centered on the page while blacking out the rest of the page.
Buy a print button on the preview pages
  • You can now enable a "buy print" button on the preview pages. This will display a modal form of which the input will be sent to your e-mail. You can configure the form via Site configuration, Website forms. The button can be configured to show always or for images that are marked as "available for print sales" only.  You can enable the button via Site configuration, General settings, Preview pages. We have added a new page /prints that you can use to provide users with information about prices, examples and so on.
Get a Quote button on the preview pages
  • You can now enable a "Get a quote" button on the preview pages. The button can be configured to show always appear and function or it can be configured to require a user to be logged in. You can configure the form via Site configuration, Website forms. You can enable the button via Site configuration, General settings, Preview pages.
Download direct from preview pages
  • For users that have such permissions, you can now enable a "Download now" button on the preview pages. This function allows certain users to download a single file immediately from the preview page without requiring them to go through the steps of the normal order procedure. The system creates an order and immediately displays the download link for the high res file. You can configure whether or not a short description has to be entered by the user via Site configuration, Website forms. You can enable the button via Site configuration, General settings, Preview pages.
  • With version 18 you can create an unlimited number of so called subdomains. When a subdomain is active you can automatically apply specific filters, hide or show selected galleries, display a different logo, add an item to the menu and so on. Subdomains can be used for different purposes, e.g. to give access to a sub archive, to specific content and/or to create a mini website for specific clients and so on. For instance: or You can provide access to subdomains with the /s parameter too. E.g. or
Territorial restrictions
  • You can now display where files are available or not available in case the file is not available world wide. Territorial restrictions are supplier based.
  • You can configure what you want to do if a file is not available in the end user's territory, ie normal functions, disable add to cart, allow add to cart but mark such order details as blocked in the user's order.
Agent blocking
  • You can now mark any user account as "agent" which allows you to prevent certain files from being downloaded by this type of end user. Files can be marked as "not for agents" individually (per file), per supplier or supplier group.
Software versions
The following software components are updated:
  • Infradox Repository Server
  • Infradox XS dll
  • Infradox API
  • Infradox API Broker
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