Infradox XS version 17 (release date 28 March 2013)

This article describes the changes for version 17.

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  • When entering a description for a lightbox e-mail, you could not use the left and right cursor keys on certain pages. This is fixed.
  • You can now permanently remove suppliers - all content of the supplier will be automatically removed from any lightboxes, carts, galleries, and from the content database. References to such files in orders and invoices will remain unchanged. 
Anonymous access to files
  • You can now enable "anonymous access" on orders that you create in your own account (as an administrator). This allows users - to who you send the unique  link - to download files without having to log in, nor do they need to have an account on your website. Access can be enabled for a certain time period so access will automatically expire.
New notification system
  • Version 17 has a new notification system built in. The number of user notifications will show in the menu and when the user clicks that number, a window with detailed information will appear. Notifications are created if an order changes (the user will instantly see this if he/she is still using the website), if there are files waiting for usage confirmation, if there are restrictions and/or reservations that are about to expire or that have recently expired. See below for more info re usage confirmation and restrictions/reservations. You can configure the settings for how this works and the notification can also be disabled completely if you don't want to use it.
Instructions for the cart and order pages
  • You can now edit all the text elements that are displayed on the cart and order pages. The Site configuration menu now has two separate buttons for cart page related settings and for order page related settings.
More changes to order management
  • You can now completely disable the order system. This will remove the cart and order function from the client facing website. It is also possible to disable the order system for everyone except administrators. This option is useful if for instance you want to sell prints only and you don't want to confuse your end users with the high res ordering system.
  • We have added a "quick view" function to the order management page which allows you to view what's in an order without having to leave the order management page. The quick view information also has a link to the content metadata dialog for each of the files, so that you can quickly check any restrictions, other orders in which the file appears and so on.
  • A function has been added to the administrator's order page that allows you to (re)assign a supplier to an order detail without affecting the file itself. 
  • The invoice description box is automatically populated when a user finalizes an order. You can now configure which of the order detail fields you want copied into the invoice description box (Site configuration, Website forms, Order detail forms).
  • The order page now has a XML button and a TXT button that you can click to download the details of a single order in either formats. The new "quick view" function on the order management page also has links to download the order data as either text or xml.
  • If you grant either immediate or proviso download permissions on an order that was already marked closed, the "closed status" will now be automatically removed.
Usage confirmation of ordered files
  • A new function was added that allows you to keep track of confirmed usages of downloaded files. You can also ask users to confirm the actual usage of files before a certain date. You can find detailed information including screen shots here.
  • A new client facing page can be enabled (a menu item will appear in the My account submenu) - so that users can view the files that they still have to confirm and the files for which usage has been confirmed. This page can be made available on your website from Site configuration, Pages and menu, Website menu.
  • A function has been added to the invoice page that allows you to (re)assign a supplier to an invoice detail without affecting the file itself. 
  • You can now change how file details are printed for each invoice detail that is linked to an order detail (i.e. a file) by use of a flexible macro.
Content meta data dialog "Use information"
  • We have added a tab sheet to the meta data dialog which gives you immediate information about how and where the file is used. The tab sheet lists all the orders, carts, lightboxes and galleries the file is part of.
File restrictions and reservations
  • In addition to the standard restrictions that were already available, you can now create one or more restrictions for each file - that are active for a specified date range. You can specify for each restriction whether or not you want to display it on the preview, cart and order pages and if you want to prevent the file from being added to orders and/or if you want to disable delivery of the file while its restriction is active. 
  • File restrictions can now be linked to client accounts so that you can use this function to create "reservations" for a certain time period. The restrictions that you link to user accounts will also show in the user management overview. And you can specify whether or not you want such restrictions/reservations to appear on the new user's page (below)
  • We have added a new client facing page that allow users to see the reservations and/or restrictions that you have created on files for them. A menu item will appear in the My account submenu. This page can be made available on your website from Site configuration, Pages and menu, Website menu.
Registration form
  • You can now change the text for the marketing info checkbox and you can specify whether or not the checkbox is on by default. 
  • The lightbox rearrange window now has a button to reverse the order of the files in a lightbox with a single click.
  • You can now sort the lightboxes in the lightbox dashboard by name or by recent change date.
Pagination on thumbnail pages
  • The pagination buttons and the page number input box are now automatically disabled if there's no previous or next page.
Supplier payments
  • The supplier payments function is now also redesigned and rewritten for XS.
  • You can now generate a sales report as PDF for each supplier.
  • We have added a new layout "Editorial II" (for non-bespoke sites only)
JQuery update
  • We have updated XS to JQuery 1.8.3 and JQuery-UI 1.10.2
Software versions
The following software components are updated:
  • Infradox XS dll
  • Infradox Remote data broker
  • Infradox Session Manager server
  • Infradox Report Broker
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