Infradox XS version 16 (release date 23 January 2013)

This article describes what is changed in version 16 (release date 23 January 2013). 


  • You could not send lightbox e-mails from the full screen lightbox window on the home page (this problem only occurred on the home page, not on other pages). This is solved.
  • On some websites there were problems with quotes in lightbox names. This is fixed.
  • With certain screen resolutions, the side bar on the shared lightboxes didn't always appear. This is fixed.
  • Fixed a problem with some e-mail templates that did not correctly display special characters (i.e. diacritical marks). 
  • Links to galleries (as opposed to groups) in the page footer didn't work with certain gallery parameters. This is fixed.
  • Fixed a problem with diacritical marks in the metadata editing window.
Time zone support
  • You can now change your time zone (back office, website appearance, "User interface language, Country & Time zone"). All dates and times will be automatically displayed using the time zone setting of your choice. Default is GMT+1 (Western Europe).
Website menu
  • The menu script on the client facing pages has been optimized - and we have added new parameters that allow you to configure how the dropdown menus appear (go to Site Configuration, Pages and Menu, Dropdown menu settings). The dropdown menus can now appear without animation, by sliding down or by fading in. You can furthermore configure a timeout to hide any visible menus after a certain number of seconds, and you can change the position of the menus by changing the top and left offset. 
Page link e-mails
  • We have added the field "sender name" to the dialog. The e-mail template can now use the tag [sendername] to display the contents of this field.
Gallery manager
  • In addition to the display orders "Title A-z, Title Z-a, Date and Date descending" - you can now rearrange gallery groups and galleries within groups by the value that you can enter in 1st custom field (both ascending and descending). This also applies to groups with the special top level "categories".
  • The invoicing module is now rewritten and available as an optional module for Infradox XS. 
  • A function for credit notes was added.
  • Reminders can now have the invoice attached as a PDF.
  • You can immediately mark invoices as payable to the suppliers when adding payment records.
  • Any invoice can be copied, for instance to create an invoice for repeat use.
  • The invoice module supports multiple currencies.
Batch reminders
  • We have added a new batch function that allows you to select unpaid invoices by use of a number of parameters (e.g. number of days late, number of days since last reminder and so on). You can automatically send reminders for all such invoices at once.
Order management
  • The order management pages have been rewritten and redesigned with new colors, icons and functions.
  • You can now click any file on order pages to open the file data dialog.
User management
  • The user management pages have been rewritten and redesigned. 
  • Functions were added to display any user's lightboxes, cart contents, file downloads - and relevant activity (logins, errors, searches et cetera) immediately from the list view. 
  • You can copy files from your own lightboxes into any user's account from the new user management page.
  • You can now create an order into any user's account from your lightboxes. You can also choose to immediately grant download permissions and to notify the user by e-mail.
  • When viewing files on the user management pages, you can click a thumbnail to open the file data dialog so that you can immediately view and edit the file properties.
  • You can jump to lists of all of the orders, invoices et cetera straight from the user management list.
  • You can now send lightbox links to users in the overview.
Supplier management
  • This function has been rewritten and territorial restriction management can now be used with XS.
Site configuration
  • The site configuration function has been rewritten and redesigned. We have also included a main panel for easy access to any of the following main functions: website appearance, pages & menu, website forms, SEO settings, website files, e-mail configuration, failed e-mail, metadata repository, new user defaults, countries, currencies, tax, products, nominal codes, payment methods, invoice settings and paypal configuration.
Website logs
  • The backoffice website logs pages have been rewritten from scratch. The views use the new design and the data grids now have pagination for easier use and quicker response times.
  • We have added a function that allows you to jump to any user in the user management overview, where you'll have access to several functions as described above.
  • The website logs include current activitiy for information re all users currently active on your website, site log for all activity e.g. logins, login failures, downloads, errors, e-mails, comps etc., searches for information about all executed search queries including information about the users, previews all files that were viewed larger in a given time frame, files in carts an overview of all files added to carts by end users and files in lightboxes for an overview of all files added to lightboxes.
Other changes
  • We have added a pulldown menu to the backoffice pages which allows you to jump to other management pages without having to click through to the dashboard first.
  • The user lookup function has been rewritten.
  • We have replaced all dropdown boxes with a new and much improved version.
  • The back office functions and XS now use the same version number (16).
Software versions
The following software components are updated:
  • Infradox XS dll
  • Infradox API caching server
  • Infradox API broker
  • Infradox Remote data broker
  • Infradox database agent
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