Infradox XS build 15

This post describes what has been changed in XS build 15

Keyword suggestions

  • The new version of Infradox Suggestion Server offers a few new parameters that allow you to tweak how the suggestion function works. You can configure the following settings via Site Configuration, Website appearance, section Quick search & Suggestions: 
    1. Use Soundex, this allows to include words that are phonetically similar to what the user types
    2. Word Matching, you can now choose between Exact. Containing, Exact and starts-with and Exact and ends-with
    3. Max suggestions, a number between 10 and 200.
    4. Conversion of found words: unchanged, uppercase, lowercase, first letter capital, first letter of every word capital (for compound keywords)
  • You can now display a checkbox underneath the quick search, to allow end-users to turn suggestions on or off.
Items per page 
  • You can now choose between displaying "items per page" as horizontally aligned buttons or as a dropdown box.
  • We have added support for zooming on the iPad.
  • Several CSS and template files were updated for various optimizations for iPad users.
  • Every file preview is now separately logged. The log information can be viewed via back office.
  • Various log views now display the thumbnails again (this is a fix)
Advanced search bar
  • The advanced search bar now uses an icon for open and close, which makes it possible to replace this icon for bespoke or customized implementations of XS.
Cart and download pages
  • You can now display a message box that appears when the cart page is loaded and the user has immediate download permissions, the user does not have immediate download permissions, or in both or in neither cases.
  • You can now display a message box that appears when the download page is loaded and the order  has download permissions enabled, the order does not have download permissions enabled, or in both or in neither cases. 
  • The message box (if enabled) will overlap most of the screen and the user will have to close the box before he/she can continue.
E-mail templates
  • The standard e-mail templates can be replaced with your own version.
  • Custom (your own) e-mail templates have a new tag that allows you to create your own subjects too.
  • Fixed a problem with lightboxes that occurred sometimes if someone logged in with different accounts on the same computer.

Software versions

  • Infradox Suggestion Server 1.0.02
  • Infradox XS dll build
  • Back office version 43
  • XS site version 15
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