Infradox XS build 12


  • The color scheme "Grey/Light grey" (Editorial) has been tweaked to make it look much better than before.
  • The Search menu item can now have a pull down (sub)menu. You can add "Latest" to the submenu, and you can add any of the five custom menu items as well.
  • In addition to being able to move the custom menu items to the Search submenu, any of these items can now be added either to the left hand side or the right hand side menu.
  • You can change the order in which menu items appear.
Lightbox / Cart panels
  • In addition to having two vertical tabs positioned at the bottom left of the screen (when both panels are closed), you can now have the tabs positioned in a fixed bar at the bottom of the screen.
Gallery manager
  • We fixed a bug that prevented gallery thumbnails from displaying if a group has more than 200 galleries.
  • A new blog style posts gallery layout has been added - with large photos with or without watermarks in any of the following sizes: 500, 640, 800, 900, 1024 pixels.
  • A new "biography style" gallery layout has been added, you can also add a photographer portrait photo.
  • Top levels can be configured as a "category" level to enable so called guided category searches for your clients.
  • You can now delete files that you have generated for certain layouts if you decide to change to a different layout.
  • We have added a new gallery group layout "Wide" which displays galleries within a group in a wide bar with a square thumbnail on the right.
  • In addition to adding gallery groups to the gallery menu, you can now add galleries to the pull down menu. 
  • You can now add all found files as a result of a search query to any gallery with a single click.
Website files
  • The artwork folder now has three subfolders: portraits (for the biography gallery layout), tearsheets and artwork. You can upload files to these folders to use in your editable pages.
HTML editor
  • All the page fragments that you can edit online now have a html editor for easy mark up.
  • With the admin toolbar enabled on the client facing pages, you can now add all the files on a search results page to your batch, you can add all files in a lightbox, and all files in a gallery to your batch in one go.
  • In the batch window, you can now add all files that are displayed in the bottom panel as a result of a search command with one click.
Gallery group pages
  • The groups pages now load the first 100 galleries and the rest of the galleries in a group are loaded automatically when the user scrolls down.
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