Infradox XS build 11

Gallery manager

  • You can now add unlimited root (top) levels to the gallery structure. Each root level (e.g. galleries, portfolios, stories) can have an unlimited groups and each group can have an unlimited number of galleries.
  • A new function was added that allows you to move groups (and all of the groups galleries) to another top level.
  • Several new options have been added to gallery layout 1 (full screen slide shows), allowing you to tweak this layout to meet your specific needs. 
  • Gallery group pages can now display large thumbnails (in addition to the standard size thumbnails). 
Lightbox function
  • The lightbox panel at the bottom of the search (and other) pages now has links allowing you to immediately create a new lightbox and to send a lightbox without having to open the tools window first.
  • The lightbox tools window has some design changes to make it easier to work with.
  • Search and gallery pages now offer a new function that makes it possible to bulk add either all files or a selected number of files to a lightbox with one click. 
Cart function
  •  Search and gallery pages now offer a new function that makes it possible to bulk add either all files or a selected number of files to the cart/order with one click.
Comping images
  • The preview pages now have a function to view and download larger comping images. You can configure the settings using back office. E.g. when to display the comp image button, if you want to use a watermark, comping image size and if and when you want to overlay text on the image. You can upload a separate watermark file (png) to be used for your comping images.
SEO settings
  • We have added a separate configuration button for your SEO settings on the Site configuration page. You can specify all the SEO related details and your Google Analytics script using this new function. Different website pages will automatically add page related information to the meta data for SEO purposes.
ZIP download
  • The order page has two buttons so that end users can easily download a zip file with either all the high res files or all the low res files in an order. A new progress dialog was added to provide the user with feedback while waiting for the server to gather and process all the files. 
Registration page
  • The registration page has been completely rewritten and you can now configure every detail with the latest version of back office. Also new is that you can use e-mail addresses instead of login names and that you can require strong passwords. Lastly, you can now upload text files with the values that you want users to choose from for the fields "company type", "job title" and "how did you find us" (if you want to use those fields).
  • You can now choose to send the activation e-mail manually if you want to check the new user's information first.
File upload page / holding area
  • The file upload page now has an improved batch edit function that makes it possible to batch edit the properties and meta data of files in the holding area where you can review your uploads before adding the files to the database.
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