What's new in Infradox XS version 1 build 9...

Version 9 offers quite a few new functions. Here's a quick overview:

Metadata Repository

  • The metadata repository allows you to configure each individual metadata field and you can now also specify which fields you want to appear in the "holding area" page (where you upload and edit files before adding the files to the database). 

Quick Search

  • New search / Search within results
    You can now choose to display either radio buttons for "new search", "search within results", to display a checkbox for "search within results" or to hide this function.
  • Gallery and keyword suggestions
    The quick search functions can now display keyword suggestions from extracted keywords (including phonetic suggestions) or from a text file that you can upload. In addition to this, you can also configure this function to include names of galleries that you have created.
  • Quick search filters
    If you can attached any search filters (e.g. orientation, color et cetera) to the quick search function at the top of the page, a separate button will now appear for this. The filters drop down box was moved to this new button so that it doesn't get in the way of the suggestions box. 
Recent searches
  • You can now enable "recent searches" for your registered users. This function will display a list of the last 10 last queries that the user entered either during their current visit or when the user last used your website.
Preview pages
  • Keywords, position on the page
    You can now configure where you want the keywords to appear on your preview pages. 1) at the bottom of the page 2) underneath the image or 3) underneath the metadata on the right next to the image. 
  • Conventional keywords
    In addition to the keyword lists with drag & drop support, you can now choose to display the keywords in columns (alphabetically ordered) and with checkboxes to allow users to build a new search query by selecting multiple words. 
  • The thumbnail scroller can now be hidden
  • Part of galleries
    If enabled, this new function will display a list of galleries of which the file is a part of. Clicking a title will take you straight to that gallery.
  • Information re available file sizes can now be hidden
  • Information re restrictions and licencing can now be hidden
  • Social media buttons
    You can now add social media sharing buttons through "AddThis". Various styles and options are supported and everything can be configured to your personal preferences on the addthis.com website. 
Gallery manager, new layout for full screen image slideshows
  • We have added a new layout option to the gallery manager. If you select the new "full screen" layout, you can have the gallery manager generate the required files from your high res images and your gallery will from then on be displayed as a full screen slideshow. You can configure many options, such as the transition speed, transition style, hide/show your logo, hide show the gallery title and so on.
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