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Optional module for Infradox XS Enterprise, Agency, Photographer and XP. Not available for other versions.


This article answers a number of frequently asked questions with regards to video files.

  • Does Infradox XS offer support for video files?
    It does and it requires a separate module and separate ingestion processes.
  • What are the costs?
    We charge one-off costs for configuration of the processing workflow. There are no recurring costs and your monthly costs are not affected - except for the costs of storage. How much the storage costs are affected will obviously depend on the number of video files and the size/length of your files. Please refer to your contract for information about the storage prices.
  • What file types are supported?
    We can process virtually any codec, most commonly used are Quicktime, MPEG, Windows Media. We support other video files too.
  • Is audio supported?
    Yes it is.
  • Is the length or size of video file limited?
    No. The original file is stored unchanged and available for download via the normal file order and download procedures. Note that very large files may affect your storage costs considerably. 
  • Do we have to create preview versions of our clips?
    No, this is done automatically as part of the ingestion process (when you upload files).
  • Will the thumbnails also play as video?
    Yes, the system generates multiple preview files, including the thumbnail size clips. These will play on mouse-over.
  • Is there also a jpeg version of each clip?
    Yes we also generate image thumbnails and previews in different sizes. These are jpegs. The jpegs are the first frame of the preview clip.
  • What else do I need to know about the preview clips?
    As a default, the ingestion process will generate thumbnail size and preview size clips of approximately 10 seconds and the first few seconds are skipped. These parameters can be changed to meet your requirements. On the thumbnail pages, clips will automatically play when one hovers over a thumbnail. On the preview pages a larger clip is displayed that will also start to play automatically. Preview size clips can be automatically watermarked. We can also overlay fixed text at the bottom of the clip. 
  • Will the clips play on all browsers and operating systems?
    We generate 4 different file types for both the thumbnail size and the preview size clips and your website will automatically display the correct version depending on the visitor's browser and/or operating system. Clips will play on Safari, Firefox, Internet Explorer, Chrome and most other current browsers. Playback on iPhone and iPad and similar devices is also supported.
  • How does one add video files to the database?
    Video files can not be uploaded with the HTTP uploader. We will set up a separate FTP account for video. Files are sequentially numbered in the same way as your other files (images).
  • How do we supply metadata for our video files?
    The metadata must be supplied in a so called "sidecar" file formatted as XML. Every video file must be accompanied by such a sidecar file and it must contain information that allows us to link the file to the correct supplier. E.g. if you upload a video file with the name, then there must also be a file myvideo.xml. A file is not processed until both the clip and its xml sidecar file are uploaded.
  • How does delivery of video files to clients work?
    The process of ordering and downloading video files is the same as the process for ordering image files. You can configure separate input forms for the information that you want your clients to supply. Automatic pricing with the price calculator is currently not available for video files. Video files can be RF or RM. The file that your client can download is the original/unchanged file that you have uploaded.
  • Can we set up search filters for video?
    A media type filter is automatically created so that you can e.g. search for video only. Other custom filters can be created as well as required.
  • Can we create galleries for video files?
    Yes, video files can be part of galleries, series, stories, sets, events and so on. You can also create galleries etc. with both photos and videos.
  • Does the Infradox 3rd party API support video?
    Yes, video metadata is searchable and accessible and the original files can be downloaded. The API results will contain a path to the jpeg thumbnail and preview for display purposes. Your 3rd party can access the thumbnail and preview clips as well.
  • Can video files be syndicated?
    Video files can be syndicated with XS version 26.3 or later. More information about setting this up can be found in the article Configuring syndication
  • Can video support be enabled temporarily? 
    No, video support requires a special set up for the ingestion procedures.
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