Managing your own domain name(s)


Your website can be found on the internet via its domain name. A web site's domain name is registered through a registrar. This can either be an ISP (Internet Service Provider) or a separate company that provides domain name registration services. We (Xpertise-ICT BV) don't register or host domain names, because we think that it is important for you as our client, that you are in full control of the domain name and its ownership. Your domain should be available at any time, also when our connections are not. Hosting your domain elsewhere furthermore offers more flexibility and possibilities for DNS failover. There are many specialised parties where you can host your domain and most of them offer excellent online tools to make managing your domain very simple.

Registering a domain

To register a new or additional domain name for your website, you can go to the registrar's website of your choice and buy the desired domain name, provided that it is available. Generally, the registrar also provides DNS services and your newly acquired domain name will be parked at the registrar's DNS server by default.

You can also choose a different DNS provider and assign the name servers of this provider to handle your domain's zone file. The zone file for a domain contains a dictionary with server names and IP addresses that sends your web browser to the appropriate web server if you type in a www address in your browser.

Directing the traffic

The next thing you need to do is to add the required DNS records ("A" records) to your domain's zone file and make the  URL points to your Infradox website. Your domain name host will have an online web interface that allows you to do that and will also provide you with help topics and examples to guide you.

If you also want to receive email on your domain name, you'll also need to add the required MX (Mail eXchanger) records that will need to point to the IP address of the server that's handling your mail.


There are many registrars available, but some of the registrars and DNS ISPs that you could use are: (US) (UK)


If you have questions regarding this topic or do not know which IP address(es) you need to put in the DNS records, please feel free to ask us for advice by creating a ticket with your questions.

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