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This article answers the most asked questions about the Infradox 3rd party API - which is used by others to access your content, e.g. for live searches, downloads and so on.

1) What is the Infradox Partner API?

API is short for Application Programmers Interface. The Infradox Partner API allows other parties to set up live connections with your database. One of the advantages of letting your partners use our API is that you don't have to send your high res files and that you always have detailed information about how your data and files are used. The system logs searches, downloads and so on. You can also control which files can be accessed through the API by use of our built-in filtering and restriction mechanisms.

2) There's a third party that wants to set up a live connection with my database, what is required?

First download the Infradox Partner API documentation (attached to this article as a PDF) and send it to your 3rd party. Once they have confirmed that they can work with the API we can configure the API on your server. You'll need a unique access key for every party that wants to connect to your API. This key is linked to specific settings, e.g. which files can be accessed, what is the 3rd party allowed to do with the API and so on.

3) What are the costs of an API licence / access key?

A single API licence (or access key) is 500 Euro. This includes support, bandwidth and new versions.

4) Is it possible to have more than one 3rd party use the API?

It is, but you will need a separate licence (access key) for each 3rd party.

5) My 3rd party wants functions that are not supported by the Infradox Partner API

The API is generic software. Changes will affect all parties that are using the API which is why we will not make changes if only one party requests such changes. Feel free to submit your change requests and if we find your request useful we will add it to the next version of the API.

6) I have an in-house application and I want to access the metadata on the webserver. Can I use the API for that too?

Yes, that's possible. The Infradox Partner API is for accessing the content in your database only. If you want to access back office related information you'll need the Backoffice API or you can ask us to setup automated data exports (of e.g. new users, orders and so on).

7) Will the API affect the performance of my website

In our experience the API will not cause problems. However, if you have many 3rd parties using the API to access your database, it may affect performance. In that case we can set up an additional website to separate the traffic for your website from that of the API.

8) My 3rd party complains about the speed of the API

The API is in fact very fast. We have found that performance problems are often caused by how the API is used by other parties. If the example of use, and the recommendations in the documentation are followed - the API should be fast. 3rd parties can create a ticket if they experience problems. Please ask them to be as specific as possible.

9) My 3rd party does not want to setup a live connection for searching, they just want access to the high res files.

This is possible. We can send an initial data export of your current database and we can set up syndication to automatically create XML files with data regarding changes, deletes and new files. Your 3rd party can import the metada into their own database and then they can use the Infradox Partner API to retrieve a high res file when needed. You will still need a licence / access key for this kind of use.

10) Someone downloaded a file by use of the API that they weren't allowed to have

a) The API applies filters (specified by you) to limit what can be found with the search command. The metadata can however be accessed by use of other commands even if files are not part of the results returned by the search engine. The metadata includes information about restrictions and availability and the 3rd party is responsible for taking that information into account.

b) If you have the territorial restrictions module, please make sure that you configured the territorial restrictions correctly. Also make sure that the file is linked to the correct supplier. If not, the restrictions may have defaulted to World Wide.

c) If you use a specific code to either include or exclude certain files from API access, then please check the metadata to make sure that the specific code actually exists in the metadata of the file that was downloaded. Also make sure that that code was not added after the file was downloaded. 

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