Admin functions FAQ

1) I am logged in with an account with admin permissions but I have no access to the admin menu

a) Some older websites (not XS websites) only allow you to use Firefox for the administrator functions. If you login using another browser, then the admin buttons will not appear.

b) If IP filtering is enabled on your website and you login from an IP address that is not in the list of allowed addresses, then you are logged in as a regular user (i.e. your admin permissions are disabled for that session).

c) The admin functions require cookies to be enabled.

2) I want to make someone an administrator

If you have Infradox XS version 23 or later you can promote any user to administrator via User management.

All other versions: you cannot do this yourself. Post a ticket in our helpdesk system to request enabling of admin permissions on an existing user account. Include the e-mail address and the login name of the user account in your request.

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