Uploading files FAQ

Files can be uploaded with your FTP account. Normally you - as a website owner - get one FTP account for uploading files. Below are a few frequently asked questions with regards to this subject.

1) Can my photographers and/or agents get a FTP account of their own to upload directly to the database?

Yes that is possible. We have to create separate user accounts on the FTP servers and we need to setup Datamatic processing rules for the folder that is assigned to that photographer or agent.

2) Uploading with FTP is slow, can I get more bandwidth?

Yes you can buy additional and dedicated bandwidth. You'll have to sign a separate contract and the minimum duration is 12 months. Contact us for pricing.

3) Can I upload using a built-in function in my website (ie HTTP upload)

This is a function that can be added to most of the Infradox websites. Whether or not this is possible with your specific website depends on a few things. Feel free to contact us for further information.

4) Is it possible to automatically add keywords to the data of new files?

We can configure Datamatic processing rules that will automatically add certain keywords if other keywords are found in the data. It is also possible to replace certain words with other words. You can find further information about Datamatic on the infradox.com website: http://www.infradox.com/infradox-server-side-software/

5) What embedded data formats are supported?

The ingestion process reads IPTC / XMP / Fotostation data from the files. The data is mapped to specific fields in the database, because of this it is important to always enter the correct data into the agreed fields.

6) Can we also supply external metadata files?

This is possible but on request only. The only external data format that we support is XML. We no longer support Excel, CSV et cetera, but we can provide you with information about how to convert your data to standardized XML.

7) Is it possible to setup a Virtual Private Network for uploading files?

Yes this is possible. Contact us for pricing and possibilities.

8) What FTP program should I use?

We recommend Filezilla. It is free of charge, it is reliable and available for both Windows and Macintosh platforms. You can download a copy here: http://filezilla-project.org/download.php

9) I have dedicated bandwidth but uploads are still slow...

If you have dedicated bandwidth, a certain amount of bandwidth on our glass fiber connection is allocated for your organization. If you allow agents and/or photographers to upload directly they'll be using the same bandwidth. If you also have a VPN, that may be using the same bandwidth too. Lastly, your own connection may be slow or used for other things too so check that first before contacting us if you have speed problems.

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